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Living Anxiety Free. Embracing Uncertainty.

Living Anxiety Free. Embracing Uncertainty.

“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.” ~ John Allen Paulos  Lives of humans have always been uncertain. Every moment there is a decision to be made. The decision leads to a new unknown and uncertain situation. Its like...


Queen of Sarees Kankatala introduces the first-ever Fusion Lehenga Collection

Queen of Sarees Kankatala Introduces The First-Ever Fusion Lehenga Collection!

New Delhi, January 7, 2022: Legacy brand Kankatala Sarees, known as the Queen of Sarees, handpicks fusion Lehengas edition for the first time in...

Food & Recipes

Inputs from Goa (Taj and Ginger): Roasted Poulet

Festive Christmas Recipe from Ginger Goa

Roasted Poulet Total Cook Time: 01Hrs 15 Mins Chef Rajneesh Kr Piyush - Sous Chef, Ginger Goa (Panjim) Ingredients One full corn fed chicken, that's around 1.5 kg. Olive oil- 2 to 3 TBSP Fresh rosemary Fresh thyme Pinch of a mix of dried herbs Whole garlic pods - 6 to...

In Conversation

In Conversation: Raunak Kundu: (Founder @ BangaloreFoodiesClub) & Monu Danesh Surendran...

In Conversation: Raunak Kundu: (Founder @bangalorefoodiesclub (BFC), Secret Sauce Behind a Successful Restaurant) & Monu Danesh Surendran (Co-Founder & Food Columnist @ The Daily...


Brazilian Seafood Stew

This year (2020), the graveyard initially built by the Portuguese in Tangasseri, Kollam turns 400 years old. Back in 1502 on their second sea expedition after Vasco Da Gama’s historic first landing in Calicut, the Portuguese offered higher prices for spices and pepper in Kollam to the Rani of Desinganad...

Chef's Chronicle

The art of pickle Making | SuperChef Nandakumar

The art of pickle Making | SuperChef Nandakumar

Connoisseurs with discriminating Palates, craving for fast food, may kindly waken up ur senses and face the reality of store food. What you earn...


Spotlight on Building holistic health: Tetley Green Tea Immune Sets Focus on Inner Wellbeing

Spotlight on Building Holistic Health: Tetley Green Tea Immune sets Focus...

Discussion on the importance of inner fitness with Malaika Arora, Drashti Dhami and Nutritionist Kavita Devgan Bangalore, 30th September 2021: Consumer focus on health and wellness has grown rapidly as the need to look fit has become aspirational among huge number of people. But all the buzz around outer appearance...

Fitness and Weight Loss

Combining Cardio & Contemplative Practices

Combining Cardio & Contemplative Practices Cardio and contemplative practices like Yoga and Meditation form a beautiful trilogy that nourishes our mind and body. Allow me...

Mental Health


Conquer Your Anger Naturally

Anger is considered as a response to feelings of hurt or threat or unhappiness we experience in unpleasant or provocative circumstances. According to Sivananda anger is  a great force. If you control, it can be transmuted into a tremendous whiff of power which can move the whole world but,...


Why to Choose Partial Dentures Over Dental Bridges?

Choosing Partial Dentures Over Dental Bridges If it comes to choosing partial dentures, there are many options. Dentures can be made using different types of...

Travel & Hospitality

Grab a Desk With a View With amã Stays & Trails

MUMBAI, JANUARY 13, 2022: With the lines between work and leisure increasingly blurring as people are confined to their homes, there is a growing demand for private working environs that allow one to balance the two. With the new Work From Your Home offer by amã Stays & Trails, guests can now remotely work...

For Her

Dr. Geetanjali Chopra, Founder, Wishes and Blessings

Interview with Dr. Geetanjali Chopra, Founder & President of Wishes and...

In this exclusive interview with The Daily Brunch, Dr. Geetanjali Chopra, Founder & President of Wishes and Blessings NGO, talks about her personal journey,...



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