In Conversation: Raunak Kundu: (Founder @bangalorefoodiesclub (BFC), Secret Sauce Behind a Successful Restaurant) & Monu Danesh Surendran (Co-Founder & Food Columnist @ The Daily Brunch) | Episode 7

Raunak Kundu is the Founder of the legendary @bangalorefoodiesclub (BFC) and the Secret Sauce Behind a Successful Restaurant. He is a pioneer who has championed the creation of a multitude of platforms and social events that facilitate meaningful conversations about gastronomy and culinary experiences across the country. With online food groups gaining prominence by the day, it is apt to say that they yield extraordinary power to make or break even the most established of brands. Raunak is, therefore, not just regarded as a food connoisseur but also a key opinion leader in the gastronomic circles. Subsequently, these online platforms, with their ability to impact consumer behaviour, also become effective channels for brands to reach out and engage with customers and vice versa.

Raunak’s insights stem from his deep cultural experiences which he has gathered from years of living and travelling across different countries around the world. What started as online groups have now cascaded, or rather grown into, a space that provides its members the opportunity to be a part of real-life curated, unique culinary experiences ranging from trying out the best burgers in town to relishing wholesome Satvik food. Raunak talks about his incredible journey from being a Marketing and Sales person in the IT industry to being Bangalore’s leading Market Maker. He also spills his ‘Secret Sauce’ about professionally managing some of the most successful digital food spaces as well as the exciting events that are in the line-up for the coming months.