As people get older, they cannot cope up with the body aches and pains. Not to mention the injuries that look trivial can catch up as you grow older. Ever heard of someone falling off the bed? It might sound funny but, you cannot take such risks with the elderly people. The medical facilities and elderly homes are making it a point to invest in the aged care beds that are not only comfortable but also safe for the seniors. If you have an ailing senior at your place and have a person to look after him or her, you should not hesitate in investing in good care beds.

Here are some of the features you need to check in any of the aged care beds: 

#1. Motor:

The aged care beds are not the regular beds as furnishing piece. Hence, you need to look at them as medical equipment. Aged care beds are aimed to ease the movement and mobility of the seniors while they are asleep or up. It is the motor that helps you to adjust the bed. Hence, you need to invest in a bed that is known to have a good motor. Try to evaluate the durability and the strength of the motor. Check the warranty during the time of the purchase. It will ensure that even if there is any issue later it will get fixed right on time.

#2. Controls:

Along with the motor, the next thing you need to check is the controls. Go through the menu of the aged care beds in detail. While you read the user guide, you should be able to evaluate if you would be comfortable operating it. Unlike the hospital staff or the care nurses, you or the elderly should be able to use the hand controls with ease. No matter how highly equipped the care bed is; if it is not easy to operate there is no point in buying it.

#3. Comfortable Mattress:

There is no need to assume that when you are buying a mattress for the elderly it has to be orthopedic one. Sometimes, such mattresses are hard and the seniors complain of discomfort. So, when you are investing in the aged care beds, you will have to check for the mattress that will align with the spine of the senior. The surface should be soft and comfortable but should be padded and layered so that the movement is proper in the bed.

#4. Size of the Bed:

Make sure you look at the room where you will be putting the care bed. It should not only fit in the room but also it should leave some space for others to move freely. This is important in cases where you or the caregiver has to support the elderly move out of the bed to wheelchair. Hence, you will have to calculate the space well. Also, while you care to measure the bed, you will have to measure the mattress so that it fits properly in the aged care beds. Choose the size that will allow twisting or turning in the bed easily.

#5. Warranty or Guarantee:

Before you spend your money on any of the care beds, you will have to check for the warranty or guarantee. Any care beds with motors or adjusting facility comprise of several elements. You might not be aware of such elements and it is only when the problem arises you would come to know about it. Hence, it is wise to look through the warranty list and see if there is one on the entire bed or just a few elements of the bed. A good bed is the one with the overall warranty.

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