• The app offers members a chance to express views and start conversations on various interests with ‘micro-communities’ aka My Tribes

  • Introduces a ‘job listings’ section to connect women to a range of career opportunities.

Mumbai, 30th August 2021: Born out of MissMalini’s rapidly growing Girl Tribe community on Facebook, the ‘Girl Tribe’ app is on a steady growth trajectory with its newest version by introducing engaging features such as micro-communities and job features.

Girl Tribe by MissMalini

Initially starting with a Facebook venture by Malini Agarwal to spread empathy, kindness and positivity amongst a hundred girlfriends in 2018, it soon evolved into a path-breaking community for over 70k+ women and is still increasing each day. After massive growth within two years of activity on Facebook, the community diversified into a highly-rated app that provides unique new features and member experiences and starts meaningful conversations among a diverse spectrum of women of all ages, backgrounds and experiences.

Malini Agarwal- Founder & Creative Director MissMalini Entertainment & Girl Tribe

The women-centric platform encourages authentic peer-to-peer conversations, Q&A, personal recommendations and sharing expertise on any topic under the sun. Members can share their views on myriad topics such as careers, entertainment, travel, food, relationships, motherhood, and mental health and be a part of healthy discussions that address serious concerns like abusive marriages or depression. By providing a safe and strictly moderated space that allows members to jump into conversations with perfect strangers, the app facilitates a much-needed exposure to new perspectives and points of view. Not only that, but women can showcase their businesses and offer services to an eager community of friends and potential customers.

Girl Tribe offers women a space to be alone together while providing the comfort of human connection. And to further nurture engaging, wholesome discussions while bolstering women empowerment, the Girl Tribe app’s latest key additions include:

  • Micro-communities based on women’s interests – This feature filters the experience based on your likes, and interests in travel, food, health & wellness, beauty and more to create mini tribes within the Girl Tribe.

  • Introduction of a Job listings section – Tribe members can now search and apply directly for jobs listed in the app. Girl Tribe has partnered with recruitment consultants who list jobs relevant to the Girl Tribe audience and aid in job searching for tribe members.

Malini Agarwal – Founder – MissMalini Entertainment, says, “I have always been passionate about reshaping the social media world into a positive virtual space by spearheading impactful initiatives. Girl Tribe is our collective vision, where everyone deserves to experience a kinder and more empathetic internet.” Elaborating about the new app updates, she adds, “The power of social media is no secret. By capitalizing on this mighty tool, I want to give women a platform to connect with other like-minded women, and express and empower themselves openly without being judged!”

Jayson D’Mello – Head of Products – MissMalini Entertainment Pvt Ltd said, “Building the Girl Tribe app has been an extremely rewarding experience for me and my team. Girl Tribe is one of the first co-created social platforms, with everything from illustrations to emojis chosen by our members. We work closely with our community members and moderators to identify core challenges worth solving, and then design custom solutions tailored to their inputs. For example, the need to have deeper, more meaningful conversations and the ability to easily find job opportunities are two requests that come up frequently, especially during Covid times. This is why we decided to build a dedicated Jobs section where members can easily recruit or apply for jobs. Our new micro-communities section is the first step towards deeper, interest-based connections, helping members find discussions and content that are relevant to their passions. We are thrilled with early member feedback and our engagement KPIs have given us the validation to launch more such exciting features in collaboration with our community.”

Further to this, he adds “Our founders have always obsessed over building a differentiated positive-only social platform, with strict community guidelines. This vision guides our product strategy. We are investing heavily in AI guided content moderation so that our members continue to feel safe as our community grows and scales. We continue to invest in high impact features that make Girl Tribe a fun, entertaining, and super useful app for every woman”

India’s first app to offer ‘rewards for positive behaviour’ through a unique ‘Positivity Points’ system, Girl Tribe does away with ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ to instill kindness. Members can instead earn ‘Positivity Points’ every time they contribute to the community by starting a conversation or leaving a comment on someone’s post. These ‘Positivity Points’ can later be redeemed at the ‘Tribe Store’ in exchange for products, virtual events and experiences.

Available on both Android and iOS stores, the Girl Tribe App offers members a connection to a wholesome sisterhood that spreads positivity by uplifting and supporting each other.

Website link: https://link.girltribe.app/events