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Raising a Mindful Parent is a book written with the simple intention of providing a glimpse into a form of parenting which is different from the traditional form of parenting, the Mindful parenting. Mindful Parenting is nothing but recognizing that our children although born through us, are in fact a different personality and a different individuality.

The parenting that we are used to, is based mostly on the instincts of the parents and on the experiences the way they have been treated and raised as children.The Mindful Parenting that is introduced in this book is based on knowledge and a change in perspective. This book introduces Mindful Parenting to the reader in its most basic form and in a very simple language which they can relate with.

The book is written very simply without any medical / psychological jargon to help it relate better to the audience at a larger level. Many parents have heard the terms introduced in this book, but when the actual moment of implementing comes with the child, all is lost and we react with the child from our conditioned behaviour. In this book with very basic day to day situations, the author has tried to convey how things should be handled better. This book is an invitation for the parents to start implementing these basic practices into everyday life with children, and then move to have deeper spiritual connection with the child and themselves.

Once Mindful Parenting will become a part of the natural thinking process, it will not only bring a relief to the parents but also a sense of real freedom and confidence to the children.

This book is for all those parents who wish to have a joyful and fulfilling relationship with their children. An attempt by the author to address the various problems faced by the parents and the children during the process of parenting.

The Book is mainly divided into 3 sections

Section 1

Section 1 is about the basics of parenting. In this section the author addresses the basic pillars of parenting like the importance of having a communication with the children. The discipline and denial of parents is addressed. Also the rebellion in children is explained from the perspective of both parents and children and why it happens.

Section 2

Section 2 is about things that can be trained, and includes the modern challenges of parenting. This section includes the topics like bullying, depression and the need to have a good quality time with the children. It also talks about the modern day parenting problems like excessive use of technology and how to deal with that. The other topic included here is the problem of sexual abuse in children, and how can the parents recognize potential sexual predators among their known and thus protect their children.

Section 3

Section 3 is about the softer aspects of raising the child. Why it is essential to take care of the emotional needs of the children is explained here. There are various techniques given to instill a positive mindset in the children, and the importance of having a positive outlook in life is spoken about. The importance of inculcating spiritual and mindfulness practices in the children is explained. The most important part of the book is the one where the author talks about the techniques and tools to raise the children to be unbreakable. How in any adversity the child will remain unshaken and come out of it more empowered.

At the end of most chapters there are certain exercises which will help the parents to think and analyze their own parenting styles.

The Author

Dr. Mona GujralDr. Mona Gujral is a Gurgaon based Mindful Parenting Coach, Speaker and Author. She helps parents who want to create enriching relationships with their children and raise incredibly confident, happy, fully expressed kids who are thriving emotionally.

Her mission is to transform parenting with a more aware and mindfulness based approach, so that both the parents and children have a joyful bond.

She believes in inspiring and supporting parents back to their intuition and healing whatever holds parents and children back from living their best selves.

Mona has been effectively trying to introduce mindfulness into the parent child relationship. She helps guide parents back to creating deeply loving communication and memorable experiences with their kids, so they want to listen and be guided by them. And in the process highlighting the subtle unmindful interactions that create distance, frustration, resistance and power-struggles between parents and children.

For the last few years, Mona has helped parents in tackling the most challenging of parenting issues and offers private coaching and courses for parents who wish to grow and transform alongside their children. She has offered talks to schools and companies who wish to guide and support staff, educators and parents in offering their best selves to this world.

In the COVID time she has helped numerous individuals to hone and develop their awareness about emotional well being and helped them make mindfulness a part of their life.


Dr. Kavita-JunejaDr. Kavita Juneja

I must have read many parenting books before, but the way Dr.Mona Gujral has explained in such simple language it really struck a cord with me. I realized the mistakes I did in raising my children especially the first child.

Loved the lines which you wrote “our job as parents is to facilitate the children to their fullest authentic potential not to mould and fit the child in a preconceived framework” I tried to mould and fit the child in a preconceived framework. Thank you for making me realize that, and showing me the way to correct it.

Vivek-PrabhakarThe way Dr.Mona Gujral has explained the concepts of Mindful parenting in the book really makes it very easy for a parent to understand where they are going wrong.

Thank you for your guidance with my child, the way you guided us was very compassionate.

Vivek Prabhakar
IT Consultant, Bangalore


Dr. Mona Gujral is a wonderful life coach and parenting expert. She has been a real help in guiding me regarding many parenting issues. I work as Principal in Eurokids Bilaspur. Her parenting tips have helped me a lot in guiding parents of my school and also in understanding the psychology of the tiny tots of my school. She has also been a great support as a friend whose parenting tips and techniques have helped me in handling my kid as well. She is a very patient, down to earth, positive person who transmits her positive vibes the moment one talks to her. I am very grateful to her for all the guidance and support she has given me whenever I needed it.

Ms. Shweta Khare
Principal, Eurokids Bilaspur