“Food connects us in several ways: told and untold. Food is many things. It can be a need, a luxury, a desire, a passion, a quest, an obsession, an indulgence, a vice, a memory, a friend, a comfort, or perhaps, life itself. There‘s something eternal about food, a strange sense of ominous perpetuity. The journey towards your next meal may be filled with all sorts of emotions. Of all the passions that we pursue in life, the one for food remains constant. Stories, aromas, and images of food fill our minds and linger with us, always. The creation of food, from farm to table, involves many hands and minds. This chain of endearing human enterprise revolves around many tales of hard labour, compassion, and love. Needless to say, the stories about food have a heart. In our effort to weave a network of the most passionate storytellers, we aspire to connect with the best hands that make the most delicious memories. From Chefs to Homemakers, we converse with culinary enthusiasts all around the globe using our digital platform.”

“Kripal will never forget the day he walked into the lobby of the iconic TAJ MAHAL HOTEL, Mumbai to hand over a brochure he had created for the Marketing Team. The aura of the hallowed space, with all the uniformly attired employees going about their work like missionaries was a memory snapshot frozen in time. Like a dream sequence he recalls even today. It felt surreal, he said. This is the place he wanted to work. Kripal was all of 21 years young and studying for his Masters in Business Administration in Mumbai. After completing his course, he applied for a job with the Taj Group of Hotels, and like sheer destiny, he got the job as a Management Trainee in the very same TAJ MAHAL HOTEL that had mesmerized his mind the very first time. A 10-year stint with the TAJ Group of Hotels brought him to Bengaluru, by when he had mastered most of the elements of the Hospitality Industry in India. He went on blaze his own trail after he left the TAJ Group to pursue his dream of being an entrepreuner in the very same Hospitality Industry.

From publishing “FOOD LOVERS” a finely crafted glossy magazine with quality content from writers within the Industry like Camilia Punjabi, Karen Anand and other renowned food writers, Kripal featured fine dining with food and wine across most of the premium hotels in India before moving with the times from a print to a digital platform for FOOD LOVERS.

A passionate traveler, foodie and photographer, Kripal’s new frontier of finely crafting digital videos without scripting on iconic food establishments and dishes are hot favourites with the people, who have taken to his YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels by storm. The growth had been organic and not promoted in spite of subscribers of his channel FOODLOVERS.IN crossing over 330,000 and over 20 million views on Facebook in a month. As the current Lockdown has put a hold on his plans to travel all over the country to give us a first hand look at food, the people who create it and the establishments that serve in his own inimitable fashion, I am also looking forward to seeing Kripal Amanna, the Gourmet back on the road again with his team. Here’s to more true food journeys!


Watch the video interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NPPtmUog34

Here’s the Link to Kripal’s YouTube Channel: Food Lovers TV