Promptness and Punctuality

Your character is greatly judged on the qualities of Promptness and Punctuality. These ordinary-looking words are very significant. These characteristics signify the value, worth, and reliability of any person. If you wish to be accepted by people around you, especially your superiors, it is important to know about these qualities. Consider the five rules given below and try to emulate them so that they become part of your character.

Promptness or punctuality is the will and determination to complete a required task or fulfil an obligation before or at a previously designed time. It is the habit of adhering to timelines.

Being Punctual

  • Strengthens and reveals your integrity
  • Shows that you are dependable
  • Improves your self-confidence
  • Assures you that you are at your best
  • Builds and reveals your discipline
  • Shows your humility


While attending to your obligatory duties promptly, punctually and sincerely, you may often face irritating situations and you may react with anger. Let us now look at the reasons of anger and its immediate consequences. All of us know that anger is always a very harmful emotion, yet it often engulfs most of us.

There are three easy ways to avoid the harmful results of anger. They are:

  • Try to analyse the cause or reason for your anger. If you can look at the situation with a realistic and calm mind, you will be able to control your anger in a much better way.
  • Try to control your temper instead of taking it out on someone else or letting it affect you too much.
  • When you are in anger, do not do anything else on impulse. Come back to your senses before you take any action.

Take time out

Count up to ten or more, or chant some holy words or mantra few times, or think of someone you love, like or respect.

Expression of your anger when your mind is calm

The anger is a very harmful emotion and must be either substituted, sublimated or expressed in the right way at the right moment. Suppression of the same is dangerous for it is advised that it be expressed when your mind is not overwhelmed and is relatively calm. This way, the devastating effects of anger can be minimized.

Find physical outlets

Go for a walk or run or involve yourself in some physical diversions time when you feel that anger is escalating. Doing yoga or any work out for that matter might alleviate your anger.

Hold your tongue

Learn to pause and think before you speak. Normally, in the heat of the moment, grave mistakes might be committed. Postpone the conversation if it is likely to raise anger.

Identification of solution

Instead of concentrating on what made you mad, work on resolving the issue at hand. Make yourself realize that the anger will not fix anything. It will possibly make it worse.


It is the most powerful tool. Let not this negative impulse of anger overpower you. It will injure your positive strength.

Practice relaxation skills

When your temper flares up, use these relaxation skills in practice like deep breathing, exercise, imagine a relaxing scene or sing some nice song, etc. or whatever that might help you feel better.

Lighten up

Don’t use sarcasm. Don’t abuse or call names. Instead, use humour to release tension. Respond gently to people who intend to create tension.

Seek help

Learning to control anger is a challenge for everyone at times. Consider seeking help for anger issues if your anger seems out of control because you do things you regret for or hurt those around you. You might explore local anger management classes or practice meditation, speak to someone wiser and sympathetic. Please do not suppress anger.

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