Blue Vector launches ‘Dot Films’ – its homegrown film agency 

For the last 5 years Blue Vector has operated mostly as a monolithic creative house, with a suite of creative services under the same roof – branding, films, social media marketing and the likes.

But beginning with the acquisition of Content Ninja in 2019, with its B2B inbound marketing toolbox, the one-stop-shop started the internal process of ‘diversification into specialisation’. Starting this year, Blue Vector is putting into action its strategy to ride out the agency wave with separate businesses for its separate services, each with their own specialisation and business strategy.

Dot Films will be the first homegrown company to leave the nest while still tethered to it. Their specialisation is further deepened with specific categories for the films they will be conceptualising and producing for, i.e, for brand, travel and music narratives.

Trying to be good at everything while also doing everything isn’t very prudent from a growth point of view, especially in the agency business. So, the idea was to scale through a semi-organic method of networking, offshoring, acquisitions and business spin-offs.” says Piyush Kedia, Founder and CEO of Blue Vector.

The Dot leadership will comprise the team that looked primarily after films in Blue Vector, namely Yashi Paswan, Shrey Deepranjan and Rhiju Talukdar. The philosophy driving the team is to create form-first audio-visual spectacles that look and sound artful and evoke emotions, rather than try and simply persuade the old fashioned way. In short, allowing the ‘art’ of filmmaking to take precedence in a massive, ever-growing content landscape that’s littered with tones, treatments, concepts and quality without any real benchmark. “I think for the Dot team it’s been a very natural and also personal progression, almost cathartic, to finally put Dot into action. Here’s to doing some literally intent led work going forward.” chimes in Yashi Paswan as Dot’s Co Founder and Creative Producer.

Dot Films already has a significant portfolio with work for clients like Delhivery, Nykaa, Mont Blanc, IAmAnimal and ITC Hotels. The team has plans to continue to grow these verticals and also its own partnerships and networks with agencies and talent in India and abroad.

There are more company launches in the pipeline for Blue Vector, with an end-vision to cover the whole gamut of marketing and creativity, including the involvement of tech. “The lockdowns gave us a lot of time to plan and strategize, and that’s why I think we were fortunate to be able to start executing all this. We’re about to do some very interesting things and I’m very keenly looking forward to this future.” concludes Piyush