The tradition of throwing a bachelor party has been around for ages. Nearly everyone does it, but as the best man, throwing the best bachelor party is your job. If all goes well, it will be a night that everyone involved will remember for as long as they live, especially the groom to be. So, how do you throw an awesome bachelor party? And more importantly where do you throw it? Now you can choose some best restaurant cum bar for your bachelor party and the authority of these bars will arrange your party according to your needs. These have some customized packages for these events and you can also save your cost by conducting the party in these bars.

How to plan a bachelor party?

Over the years, bachelor parties have changed drastically. Earlier, it was a “gentlemen’s party”. A civilized evening of good food, drinking and a toasting to the bride’s good health is what you need. Although now, the trends of bachelor parties have changed, the list of people attending the party has not or rather, has stayed the same. The best man invites the guests, usually only male friends and relatives of the groom. What needs to be kept in mind however is the guest list and you should invite your best friends in the party. Make sure you send invites to the guest at least three weeks in advance. This will help avoid scheduling conflicts.

 Why would you choose a bar for your bachelor party?

  • If the party is on a budget, then a local bar is your best bet. Having a bachelor party in a bar actually has many benefits. Firstly, you can restrict the friends list to a minimum. Invite only those who really and truly know the groom. That can save you a lot of money.
  • At a bar, it is just the group of you, having a great time with the man of the moment. Bars usually have good food and most often the right kind of food. Additionally, if the local bar is a place you visit often, you can get special requests through to the management of the bar.
  • Apart from that, you can arrange your party with some selective dishes like BBQ and some exotic drinks and you just need to discuss with the bar manager in this regard. These bars can supply much amount of exclusive drinks and you do not need to stock these drinks earlier.

Schedule your time for the bachelor party

The night before the wedding is probably the worst time to have a bachelor party. The groom will already be nervous on the day of his wedding and the last thing he needs is a hangover. The best time to have a bachelor party is at least a month before the wedding. If you think a month is too far off, at the very least, you should schedule it a week in advance, preferably a weekend.

Something to Think About

The bachelor party is all about the groom and you, as best man, are responsible for him. So, take steps to avoid any mishaps that can have a negative impact on the groom. Ensure that people don’t drink and drive. Hire a car service for the night or have a designated driver.

Try and surprise the groom, you can get together with the other groomsmen and come up with a plan that will make the evening a fun experience for everyone. Remember, the groom doesn’t need to know that you are planning a bachelor party. You can get creative and also think of games that can be played. Make sure to take the bar managers permission though.


Image Credits: Oliva Wilson

Disclaimer: The Daily Brunch does not promote alcoholism or drinking in any manner. The article is a guest contribution.