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Dentures when fixed need a lot of care and maintenance. Like other things, they might break or have wear and tear and therefore need repairs. Technology has made it possible to get the repairs done on the same day. Staying without the dentures even for a day seems impossible. Eating and speaking would become difficult, and life would almost come to a standstill. People with dentures do not need to worry and get anxious when they are in a situation where the dentures need fixing. It is true that with time the dentures start to crack and even if proper care is taken as per the dentist’s advice, sometimes it is inevitable that you would still need to get the denture repairs done. This happens because the plastic in the dentures becomes weak as with age the shape of the mouth undergoes changes and the dentures try to adjust to that. One possible solution is to get the dentures relined on a regular basis especially when it gets loose.

Usually what happens is that when there is a breakage in the dentures, they are sent off to the laboratory for fixing. If the crack is a single line, simply putting glue on it is sufficient. In case, that is not the case, and the break in the dentures is in various places and sticking with glue will not be enough, the lab technician will pour a solution inside the dentures to create a mould of the original shape. Finally, the technician would remove one-eighth inch of the plastic from either side and then replace it with new acrylic thereby making the denture stronger than ever. However, one thing to be kept in mind always is that never even attempt to try denture repairs by yourself. Without a shadow of a doubt, it would be a disaster and only ruin them further.

Many a times we require emergency dental care. Within office hours it is the best to contact your dentist and seek advice for the treatment and what to do to handle the situation. In case of out of office hours, one must call up the emergency number or visit the hospital accident and emergency department. It is also a good idea to keep a record of dental services around the area you live who provide urgent services out of hours.  For starters, at home when you experience the pain, it is advisable to take some painkillers to subside the pain.  There may be some charges for urgent dental care at the hospital, and this would require further treatment.

Before going in for emergency dental care, it is a good option to self-assess whether the pain needs such urgent care. The usual problems that occur are broken, cracked and knocked out teeth, injury due to sports or a fall and the like. It all depends on the severity of the problem. For example, if the crack is severe you would need emergency care as it might be that a nerve may get damaged. Small little things help and go a long way such as if a tooth is falling off one must not touch it too much and seek immediate medical attention where the qualified dentists would take care of it in a proper way. Some problems are not so severe, and they can wait until the clinic reopens the next day. This will only save you the trouble of rushing to the hospital and waiting for possible a long time as the emergency departments do tend to get very busy during out of hours which can be a menace.

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