Dear Sasha,

“I am married to a wonderful man who does everything for me to keep me happy. In spite of that, I feel lonely and empty most of the time even though I am with my family or with my husband. Sometimes, I cry without any reason.
How do I beat the loneliness and emptiness inside and stop crying and perceiving every situation negatively.
Please help!”
Dear Friend,
As you know there are many different facets of our life that define who we are. Our relationship with our husband/other family is one aspect. Then there is our work that gives us a sense of identity and fulfilment, the hobbies that we cultivate, our relationship with our own body and soul – namely our physical health and spiritual health. Yogic scriptures tell us that we need to have health in four domains to feel content – Physical, Social, Mental and Spiritual. Now WHO has also included these four domains in their definition of health.
You would need to introspect your own life as to which is going well and which one requires work to be done.
There are also times when it feels that we have everything and all is great with our life, yet there is a void that we feel, its generally a calling that we need to move into the next orbit of growth. Once again this could be related to work, fitness or spiritual domain.
What is working in your favor is that you have a great relationship with your husband. My recommendation would be to have a discussion with him or anyone else who you feel very close to. You will intuitively know where your heart wants to go and what growth you might be seeking.
In my personal experience, when we feel like this, it’s an opportunity where your soul wants to grow!
Good luck dear Friend
Much love