Amazing Healing Powers of Humming Meditation

Gautama Buddha was once asked by one of his followers; ‘What did you gain by meditation?’ He immediately answered with a smile; ‘Let me tell you what I lost through meditation; sickness anger, depression, insecurity, the burden of old age, the fear of death. That’s the good of meditation, which leads to Nirvana’.

As Swami Sivananda stated; ‘Without the help of meditation you cannot attain knowledge of the self’. Modern scientific research has found the physical and psychological benefits of meditation. As you all know, there are several schools and methods of meditation.

Here, I am introducing a very simple, meditation that can be practiced easily by any individual without any prior experience or preparation. It is humming meditation, somewhat similar to Nadabrahma meditation or Bramari pranayama in Sabdha yoga. From ancient times humming has been used in several schools of yoga and meditation, especially in Tibet. Humming and chants have been used by mystics and spiritual teachers for meditation since they were well aware of the healing powers of this sound.

Now, doctors have found the magical powers of humming for reducing stress and pain and improving health. Eddie Weitzberg and Jan Ludberg of Karalinska Institute in Stockholm found in their research that humming increased the nitric oxide of paranasal sinuses about fifteen fold. They say that proper ventilation of sinuses and prevention of blockage of the opening between two cavities can be ensured by this. Moreover, nitric oxide is a neurotransmitter which is fundamental to your overall health and well being.

The power of humming

Jonathan Goldman, an American author, musician and an expert in the field of harmonics and sound healing and his wife Andi Goldman, the authors of the famous book; The Humming Effect: Sound Healing, for Health and Happiness explain scientifically the amazing healing benefits of conscious humming and breathing in their book. They explain the science behind sound healing. Conscious humming helps to reduce stress and blood pressure and to increase lymphatic circulation and melatonin production. They found that humming releases endorphins and nitric oxide and creates new neural pathways in the brain. Hence they conclude that humming can be used even to treat neurological disorders. The book also deals with the spiritual use of humming. The authors logically say; ‘We all have within us the most powerful instrument for healing and that is our voice; the most powerful of which is the ‘Hum’.

As the famous spiritual singer, Deva Premal revealed; ‘Humming creates a wonderful circuit of energy in your body, revitalizing its cells and charging its chakras’ The Indian doctor Madam Kataria found that by practicing humming you can bring down the breathing rate from 15-17 times in a minute to 4-6 times a minute and this helps to slowdown your heart rate and to reduce stress. Humming activates the parasympathetic nervous system and hence calm down your nervous system.

What is Humming meditation?

Humming meditation is a simple form of mantra meditation. When you start humming your body starts vibrating, especially your brain cells start vibrating. Thus the whole brain becomes tremendously vibrant. When you become a witness to this, your body and mind are in harmony and this brings the experience of tremendous peace and bliss.

Research has shown that humming with awareness creates chemical changes in the body, particularly in the brain and helps to cease the conflict between the body and mind. A lot of energy is saved when your body and mind are in harmony and hence you will never feel tired or exhausted when you are humming.

How to practice humming meditation?

Firstly, sit comfortably in a quiet place with your spine and neck straight. You can even sit on a chair. Close your eyes and take a few deep slow breaths. Then close your lips and take a deep breath in and slowly begin to exhale slowly through your nose with a humming sound. Continue humming till the end of your exhalation.

On completion of the exhalation, take a deep breath again and continue exhalation with loud humming. Do this with full awareness. Feel the healing vibration throughout your body during meditation. Keep listening to your body always. You can change the tone or pitch of your humming.

Imagine that the ‘hum’ travels through your whole body, all your internal organs from head to toes. Continue for 1 minute initially then increase the time to 15 to 20 minutes.

It is important to sit still and silent for a few minutes, immediately after the humming meditation witnessing and experiencing the change happening to your; physically, mentally and spiritually.

According to the famous Indian author and spiritual master, Dr. Amit Ray; ‘Meditation is the way of nourishing and blossoming out the divinity within you’. Let us not forget the wise advice of Swami Sivananda Saraswathi; ‘Meditation leads to eternal bliss. Therefore practice meditation regularly’.


john muzhuthettu
Dr. John Muzhuthettu

Dr. JOHN MUZHUTHETTU is a Human Resource Consultant, National Trainer, and Counselor. Formerly he was the Deputy Chief Engineer, Kerala State Electricity Board and is still working as an external faculty of HRD Programmes of KSEB. He is also a faculty of Department of Management Studies, Mar Augusthinose College, Ramapuram, under M.G.University, Kerala. He is the PG course co-ordinator of MHRM.

He is a columnist in several Magazines, like ‘Business Deepika’, ‘Creative Business’, ‘Donbosco’ etc. His articles have been published in many magazines and journals. His several speeches have been aired by All India Radio. His interviews on various subjects have been telecasted by Power Vision TV. He is the author of five best-selling books:

‘Stress-Manassasthra- Aathmeeya Pariharangel’. (Current Books, Thrissur) 4th Edition
Vijayiyude Vyakthithwam (Current Books, Thrissur)
Jeevitham Santhushtamakan, Nithya Yauvanam Nedan.(CSS, Thiruvalla)2ndEdition
Emotional Intelligence-Jeevithavijayathinu (CSS, Thiruvalla)
Vijayarahsyangal (Current Books, Thrissur)
As a trainer, he has conducted more than a thousand  seminars and workshops for teachers, parents, students, executives and others, on several subjects like Stress Management, Time Management, Personality Development, Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual intelligence for Excellence, Communicative Skills, Assertiveness, Motivation, Study Skills, Effective Parenting, Counselling Skills etc. He is an external training faculty of Power Engineers Training and Research Centre of KSEB. He is an external faculty of IMG Cochin. He is also the Secretary of Upasana Cultural Centre, Thodupuzha.

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