We love a confident woman! This beauty queen urges every woman to participate in a professional Beauty Pageant in order to regain fresh confidence. Shahanaz Parveen stresses on the significance of education because according to her, the intellect is just as important as physical beauty. External beauty falls short when it is not complemented by intellectual prowess.

Currently residing in Dumka, working as a high school English teacher in Holy Child School, Shahnaz Parveen always had a keen interest in beauty contests and teaching students and has perused this culinary journey over years, teaching children of different ages and winning different titles in beauty contests. Born in Kolkata and brought up in Jamshedpur and having lived in Kolkata, Jamshedpur, and Dumka, Shahnaz has been exposed to various styles of cultures, traditions, and fashions. Having lived for almost a decade in the city of Dumka, the second capital of Jharkhand and a political hub, she had the opportunity to explore her talents in English medium schools and rock the ramps of different platforms at different events.

Shahanaz Parveen- second from the left

Over last three years she has been victorious in bagging up different titles such as Mrs. Most Popular 2017 and Mrs. Dumka First Runner Up 2017 at Mr. Miss and Mrs. World Queen; Mrs. India Trendsetter 2018, Mrs. Talented 2019 and Mrs. India IMP Jharkhand 2nd Runner Up 2019 at Mrs. India I Am Powerful. She thus created history in the city of Dumka for being the first woman to be crowned at the state level and hold the titles at different levels. She takes great interest in dance and acting. She holds a hand of gratitude towards her husband Mr. Mritunjay Prakash Oraon and State Director Mr. Wasim Alam for their support and encouragement.




Image Credits: Mrs. Shahanaz Parveen