The Hidden Powers of Colours

From very ancient times the influence of colours upon human mind and behavior is well known. From primitive times Egyptians and Chinese used colours for health and healing. In India and Tibet, even ordinary people were aware of the importance of colours in their daily lives. Buddhist hermits used to wear orange cloths since they understood the spiritual influence of this magnificent colour.

Modern medical research has proved that different colours have definite effect on our nervous system, brain and different parts of our body. Colours can change your mood and emotions and influence your behavior. John Ruskin, the famous English art critic and writer, once proclaimed; ‘Of all God’s gifts to the sighted man, colour is the holiest, the most divine, the most solemn’. The well known Russian abstract painter and artist, Wassily Kandensky was well aware of the magical powers of colours to influence the human mind and soul. He once stated; ‘Colour provokes a psychic vibration. Colour hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body’.

It was the great English scientist Sir Isaac Newton who showed that when pure white light is passed through a prism it splits into seven visible rainbow colours (VIBGYOR). He proved that each colour is made up of a single wave length and cannot be separated further.

Colours have a profound effect on us on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is believed that each of the rainbow colours can activate and energize each of the seven chakras and related endocrine glands. Chakras are the body’s energy centers. If any one of these centers becomes blocked, several health problems will arise. Such energy blocks in chakras can be corrected by the selective use of colours.

Each of the colours of the spectrum can activate and energize each of the seven chakras from Muladhara to Sahasrara (Crown chakra). Let us examine the influence of each of the rainbow colours on our body mind and soul.

1. Red

Red governs the Muladhara chakra or Root chakra situated at the base of spine and stimulates adrenal gland. Red is the most stimulating and energizing colour. Too much exposure to red can cause stress and may enhance heartbeat respiration rate and blood pressure. Red creates a sense of urgency and boosts energy and vitality and hence it is deliberately used in advertisements.

Colour red provides a sense of protection from fears and anxiety. It boosts energy, confidence and enthusiasm. So if you feel shy it’s better to wear red. Red stimulates the senses and increases appetite. So red is widely used in fast foods’ industry and is painted on the walls of the restaurants and dining rooms.

2. Orange

Orange controls the Sacral chakra situated in the lower abdomen and stimulates brain, ovaries and testes. Orange colour enhances mental abilities and increases appetite. Happiness and confidence are boosted by orange colour. Orange is the colour of the sun and can help you energize yourself and remove your tired feeling. You can wear orange cloths when you feel lack of energy and motivation. If you use an orange notepad for scribbling, you can bring out more creative ideas. The famous American actor, producer and singer, Frank Sinatra once said; ‘Orange is the happiest colour’

3. Yellow

Yellow governs solar plexus situated between ribs and the related endocrine gland, pancreas. Yellow helps to release serotonin which causes happy mood. Too much exposure to yellow can cause fatigue. Yellow is a creative colour and gives clarity of thought. It increases awareness and stimulates interest and curiosity. Wearing yellow cloths can help you feel more self confident and bring you a sunny mood and positive feelings.

4. Green

Green governs the Heart chakra and the related thymus gland. Green is known as the healing colour. Green has a soothing effect on our eyes and can improve our vision. It helps us to alleviate stress and relax physically and mentally. If you wear green cloths, it could help you feel calm and balanced. Green was the symbol of success in ancient Greece. Green generally brings balance of body and mind. This colour can be used for speedy recovery from nervous breakdowns.

5. Blue

Blue governs the throat chakra and thyroid gland. It is a calming colour since it stimulates parasympathetic nervous system. It also helps to reduce high B.P. and to slow down the heart rate and breathing. This colour is used for fighting physical and mental stress and inducing relaxation.

Blue is the colour of the spirit and relates to self expression. It helps to improve your ability to communicate clearly and powerfully. Wearing blue cloths can help you balance your emotions. As the British poet Ben Johnson pointed out; ‘Blue is the colour of loyalty’.

6. Indigo

Indigo is a darker blue and governs the third eye chakra in the centre of the forehead and the pituitary gland. Energy of indigo colour connects us with unconscious self and strengthens intuition, imagination, and psychic powers. Indigo can help you to calm down if you are having the habit of over thinking, and worrying too much. It can help you live in a more relaxed way. Indigo stimulates your spiritual powers and leads you to self realization.

Violet/ Purple

Violet or purple governs the Crown chakra at the top of the head which is related to the pineal gland. Violet enhances self knowledge and spiritual awareness. Violet can purify your thoughts and feelings and can enhance creativity and artistic talents. Violet can cool the nerves and calm your mind. Violet is an excellent colour to use if you desire for spiritual growth and inner strength. You can surround yourself with this colour and even light a violet incense candle. This colour is helpful during meditations. As Wassily Kandensky rightly pointed out; ‘Colour is a power which directly influences the soul’. Leonardo da Vinci used to meditate in violet light since it increased his meditation power considerably.

Other colours.

Other colours like white, black, brown and pink have different effects. White is the symbol of purity and simplicity and can help you feel peace within yourself. Black is considered as powerful and glamorous and hence used in luxury products’ marketing. Pink colour is considered as romantic and feminine.

Generally colours can be classified into three categories; cool, warm and neutral. Red, Yellow and Orange are warm colours since they evoke warmth.

Blue, green and violet are cool colours and they evoke a cool feeling. Neutral colours include black, white, grey, brown and beige. Warm colours have a stimulating and exciting effect. They can generate emotions of anger and violence when used alone. Cool colours have calming and cooling effect .They generate emotions of loyalty, tranquility and security. Neutral colours can be mixed with warm or cool colours. Black is added to get darker shades and white added to create lighter shades.

In short, colours have great importance and influence in our daily life. Prudent and selective use of colours can enrich your life and up lift your moods. As the famous English Critic and poet, Leigh Hunt pointed out, ‘Colours are the smiles of nature’. Nature is the source of all colours. The colours of nature nourish and excite the human mind and soul. The enchanting colors of nature are a source of joy to human mind and soul. The tantalizing golden sunrise and sunset, the full moon sky with the glittering stars, the green trees and plants bearing colourful flowers, wide blue ocean, the ice capped mountains, are all setting a joyful feast not only for your eyes but also for your soul. We cannot even think of a world devoid of colours.

Let us rejoice the vividness of the bewitching colours of nature just as the famous poet and philosopher, Kahlil Gibran who sang joyfully; ‘Let me, o let me bath my soul in colors, let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow’.


john muzhuthettu
Dr. John Muzhuthettu

Dr. JOHN MUZHUTHETTU is a Human Resource Consultant, National Trainer, and Counselor. Formerly he was the Deputy Chief Engineer, Kerala State Electricity Board and is still working as an external faculty of HRD Programmes of KSEB. He is also a faculty of Department of Management Studies, Mar Augusthinose College, Ramapuram, under M.G.University, Kerala. He is the PG course co-ordinator of MHRM.

He is a columnist in several Magazines, like ‘Business Deepika’, ‘Creative Business’, ‘Donbosco’ etc. His articles have been published in many magazines and journals. His several speeches have been aired by All India Radio. His interviews on various subjects have been telecasted by Power Vision TV. He is the author of five best-selling books:

‘Stress-Manassasthra- Aathmeeya Pariharangel’. (Current Books, Thrissur) 4th Edition
Vijayiyude Vyakthithwam (Current Books, Thrissur)
Jeevitham Santhushtamakan, Nithya Yauvanam Nedan.(CSS, Thiruvalla)2ndEdition
Emotional Intelligence-Jeevithavijayathinu (CSS, Thiruvalla)
Vijayarahsyangal (Current Books, Thrissur)
As a trainer, he has conducted more than a thousand  seminars and workshops for teachers, parents, students, executives and others, on several subjects like Stress Management, Time Management, Personality Development, Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual intelligence for Excellence, Communicative Skills, Assertiveness, Motivation, Study Skills, Effective Parenting, Counselling Skills etc. He is an external training faculty of Power Engineers Training and Research Centre of KSEB. He is an external faculty of IMG Cochin. He is also the Secretary of Upasana Cultural Centre, Thodupuzha.

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