Justbe Collaborates with The Madras Commune & Voxtur Ventures for an Unforgettable Night of Music, Food, Fun

 ~ A Night to Remember ~

 Bangalore, December 2022: Justbe Resto Café, India’s first whole food plant based restaurant founded by Nidhi Nahata , proudly partnered with The Madras Commune, a  growing community of artists and art lovers, curating unique concert series that brings together music lovers and talented artists in an intimate setting which saw the city’s glitterati’s like Wanitha Ashok, Chetan Kamani, Sheetal C and the likes.

At this edition of The Madras Commune, Bangalore’s 1st Chapter witnessed Raghu Dixit perform for the guests. The evening was full of energy, light, and laughter on Justbe’s beautiful terrace, which was transformed into a serene and festive wonderland with white curtains, fair lights flowing, and other decorations. The urambiance was loved by Raghu Dixit, the featured performer, and the entire audience.

In addition to the live music, guests were treated to a sound healing session by Justbe’s founder, Nidhi Nahata, using instruments with natural energy and frequencies to create a resonating aura in the space. As the venue partner, Justbe went above and beyond to take care of guests, serving up delicious whole food plant-based snacks including Khaata Kachori and Dahi Paapdi Chaat made with vegan peanut curd by One Good, as well as a selection of drinks provided by our beverage partners, Big Banyan.

“We were thrilled to be part of The Madras Commune and support cultural music genres and the artists who create them,” said Nidhi Nahata, Founder of Justbe. “We were also grateful to Voxtur Ventures for choosing Justbe as the venue and letting us make the event possible for this budding start-up.”

 “As the Chief Operating Officer of Justbe, I was proud to see our team go above and beyond to create a memorable evening for our guests,” added Devansh Nahata. “From the decorations to the delicious plant-based snacks and drinks, everything came together perfectly to create a truly magical experience.”

Join us at Justbe as we look forward to bringing you even more unforgettable evenings in the future.