31st July 2019: From snow capped mountains to beautiful valleys, St. Moritz in the Engadin region is an awe-inspiring picturesque sight. The Alpine resort town is a year round bucket list for luxury travelers and thrill- seekers alike. Explore some of the most instagram- worthy locations in this beautiful location snuggled up in the Swiss Alps.

Piz Nair sunrise
The sunrise in the Engadin is exceptionally beautiful. Piz Nair Sunrise provides an opportunity to witness this amazing spectacle at over 3000 meters above sea level.  The sun rising between the snow clad Alps is sure to make for an incredible picture for the gram. Guests can then experience the sun as it rises up above the horizon while tucking into a substantial breakfast from the buffet in the summit restaurant.
The Piz Nair sunrise is priced at INR 6700 per person.

St.  Moritz Lake
The most iconic symbol of this lovely town is the breath-taking lake itself. It is frozen from December to May and hosts many sports activities like snow polo, skating, golf and even horse riding on ice. In the summers, the lake is open to fun experiences like boating, sailing and paddling.   Located in the centre, the lake promises different views of the Engadin valley.

Piz Corvatsch
At 3,300 meters up, Piz Corvatsch is one of the highest points in St. Moritz. It offers one of the most panoramic views of the Engadin valley. What also makes for an amazing instagram picture here is the traditional Swiss fondue served in the stunning backdrop of the Swiss Alps.

El Paradiso
The smell of the glittering winter wonderland on the different restaurant terraces draws guests to the El Paradiso. It is located at the outer side of the Suvretta Corviglia ski resort.  Priced at INR 1,800 per person, the restaurant offers great culinary delights along with magnificent views at 2100 meters above sea level.

The panoramic views of the glaciers are truly spectacular, which can be fully appreciated on the terrace of the restaurant at Diavolezza‘s summit. Hold on to the camera, as one can capture the longest glacier run in Switzerland.  The Glacier run begins with a leisurely cable car ride up the summit.  The Diavolezza glacier run is open from January to March depending on the snow conditions. The Journey downhill is exceptionally breath-taking, where guests are guided through an icy course in the glacier.