01st August 2019: The Museum Embankment Festival held in Frankfurt is Europe’s largest cultural festival featuring countless arts and crafts stalls, live music and culinary highlights. Frankfurt celebrates its museums with a lively three-day festival in August every year. From architecture to modern sculpture and film, the museums showcase an ancient collection of art and cultural history.

This year, the festival takes place from Friday, 23rd – Sunday, 25th August.  

Visited by over 2.5 million people, the festival promises a diverse range of performances and displays.

From sales and stalls on the promenade to live musical performances along the banks of the Main river, there is a lot that one can explore. Get on a gastronomical journey with diverse restaurants and stalls offering local and international cuisines.

The breathtaking view of the glittering lights on the museum row reflecting on the river is something one simply cannot miss. Sip on traditional apple wine along with green sauce – a speciality of the state of Hesse, made of 7 herbs and served with bread and eggs while marveling at the scenic skyline and the authentic charm of Frankfurt. One can also witness the rich culture and tradition of Frankfurt in the various museum displays that are open until 12:00 am. The museums also provide tourists with guided tours.

Experience the central theme of the Museum embankment festival in all the presentations and cultural displays of the museum with a special ‘museumfest button pass’ . Priced at INR 530, this pass allows you hassle free entry into the museums.

This 3 day festival will culminate with a gigantic display of fireworks!