It is rightly said – health is wealth. We need to keep ourselves healthy by consuming good food, maintaining good relationships and being happy. We do a lot of things with good intention of maintaining health, but end up with hazardous effects. Ten such elements are identified in this article. They are good for health, but too much of them is really bad. Have a look at the list.

  • Exercise

Gym is part of most people’s lives these days. Regular exercise and sweating keeps our body fit and shapely, and keeps diseases away. But extreme exercises without supervision or advise from experts can cause injury to joints, bones and ligaments. It can also take away your sleep and concentration. Too much exercises can lead to menstruation-related irregularities and bone-strength deficiency in women.

  • Sleep

Sleeping more than 8 hours a day causes chances of heart diseases to go up by 34%. Too much sleep also affects concentration, body weight and glucose in blood adversely. Everyone likes to sleep. But certainly obesity and diabetes are not welcome side effects!

  • Antibiotics

Antibiotics help us when foreign bodies like virus and bacteria attack us. They provide quick relief. But when the amount of antibiotics is more than usual in the body it will reduce the body’s natural ability to resist diseases. This is a situation very similar- but much milder than- the acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome. So take antibiotics ONLY when it is unavoidable and is advised by a registered medical practitioner you trust.

  • Being in the good books

You like to be in the good books of people. So you say YES to every request you hear. As a result, you run around a lot and spend all your energy for others. Finally, you end up with no energy for yourself and your family. This is not a good deal at all. Learning to say NO is a virtue. You should know when to deny. If not, you might end up doing things you don’t like. Obliging to everyone’s wishes can lead to fatigue, mental distress and depression.

  • Sex

Sex is the most natural medicine. Apart from being a good physical exercise, it helps relieve tension and stress. Intimate moments with a partner help to unwind your mental and physical pressures. Intercourse and other intimate activities are good for well-being. But too much of it is dangerous. It can lead to lack of concentration in your daily activities. It can also affect your health in many different ways. In extreme cases it can cause bruises and infections.

  • Cleanliness

Cleanliness is next to godliness. But too much cleanliness can lead to adverse effects. For example, if you use too many cleaning products like hand-wash, facewash, body-wash, etc., they will reduce body’s natural capacity to resist germs. In turn, you might easily fall prey to diseases. Sounds strange, but it is the truth!

  • Nutritious food

It is a good habit to have a very rich diet. But if you choose a diet that has extremely rich foods, you are in trouble. For example, eating red meat every day will land you up in cholesterol-related problems. Other problems caused by over-nutrition are obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, stunted growth, depression, and even stroke. So what we need is a ‘balanced diet’ where we have fibers, vitamins, minerals, nutrition, and variety of tastes, along with sufficient physical exercises.

  • Smartphones

Smartphones have transformed our lives. Today, information exchange happens on-the-go. Whether we like it or not, smart gadgets are part of our lives. But too much time spent on smartphones takes a toll on physical and mental health. It will affect your sleeping habits and daily routine. What you constantly read, watch or hear can affect the chemical balance of your body. If you are addicted to pornography or social networks, it can change the way you look at others and the world. This induces changes in your personality. Therefore, use of smartphones has to be checked.

  • Water

It is said that you must drink plenty of water. The problem lies in the abstract definition of the word ‘plenty’. How much water is plenty of water? If you continuously drink too much water, you overwork your kidney. Kidney damage is not desirable, is it? Too much water consumption can also cause the sodium levels in the blood to shoot up. This can cause headaches and fatigue. One must always drink water at the temperatures comparable to room temperature. Drinking too much water after exhausting physical exercises can lead even to death!

  • Commitment to work

Some people are too committed to their profession, that they forget that they have a family. Spending all your time in office or on your computer will weaken your relationships. Often, children in such families grow up to be angry, stubborn and prone to bad habits and drugs. As wives, husbands and parents, your duty to love and care is a level above your professional commitment. Once again, the success mantra is a ‘balance’ between work and family.

How to bring things under control?

There are many activities, things and attitudes that we must carefully control to remain healthy. The best way to do so is to grow in awareness. Becoming aware of our own self is the best solution to all our problems. Most of the times we are not aware that we eat too much fries, drink too much cola, criticize the boss too much or don’t spend time with our children. If you can spend five minutes every day to reflect on how you fared through the day, you will become aware of what you think (or not), say (or not) and do (or not). Once you are aware of yourself this way, you will be able to exercise control on yourself.

An ideal person is healthy and happy. She or he knows what is necessary and what is not. Be that person. Be healthy.

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