Are you feeling lonely, sad and depressed? Cloudy days, thunder and whirlpools. Is that how you’ve been feeling lately? Gloominess taking control over your life?  Have you come to the conclusion that nothing is going right in your life and even when you’re surrounded by people constantly, you still feel you’re the loneliest person on the planet?

There comes a point in our lives when things take a downfall. You just get used to the fact that anything that comes your way is going to turn upside-down. You feel you are far away from feeling lucky, being happy and being the center of attention and laughs. To come to this very phase, a lot of factors must have played a role. It could be due to work, relationship, marriage, family, personality or health. Sometimes even the smallest trigger can end up making you feel this way. But, all you need to understand is that whatever you do, it is always, always up to YOU to carve the progress of the situation AKA decide where to go and what to do. Watch this video!

The baby steps to overcome loneliness-

1.You need to stop thinking what others think and do it for yourself.

It is essential for you to know that you don’t have to do things or chores to achieve attention and recognition. Do it because you want to, because you feel it is the right thing to do. Do not seek appreciation for every single thing you do. You may want to do it in an attempt to gain that pat on the back, but when that doesn’t happen- you begin to feel unappreciated.

 2.Make new connections.

You are not the only one feeling this way — lonely and distant. However, you should know that loneliness is your body’s way of conveying that you need to get out more, need to socialize, need to start afresh. So how can do that? It isn’t that hard. You need to just set your mind to it. You can volunteer and help others in need. This is a great way to start. By bringing noteworthy changes in someone’s life, it will improve your mental status as well instill confidence in you.

 3.Don’t rush yourself.

It could be that you feel completely alone or you could be surrounded by people and yet not be able to open up. In such situations, it could be terrifying at first to open up and talk with people. But you do not need to rush into socializing or forcing yourself to make conversations with people, being an introvert or an ambivert. Take one step a day. You can resume your social life by going to a movie on the weekend or a cafe where you are still amongst many people and instead of focusing on groups or bigger crowds, make connections one person at a time- devoting time for each person. It’s up to you and your comfort level.

 4.Tit for tat.

If you want to feel special and appreciated, you can begin by doing so yourself. It’s quite simple actually. Whether it’s your workplace, family, friends or in a relationship, if you wish and praise people wholeheartedly, the same will be reciprocated by others for you. You might have to push yourself a little outside your comfort zone. You will see the changes in your personal life, at work and in yourself. You’ll see yourself opening up, mingling with others and having a better state of mind. Read Ellen’s Story here!

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