Things To Know Before You Decide to Live With Friends: My Experience

Moving in with friends is equally exciting and frightening at the same time. Living with friends could be so much fun or it could ruin the friendship altogether. Before you decide to live with friends, there might be some things that you would want to consider. What if you do not get along as roommates? What if you don’t agree with each other all the time? Our girl- Rachel Dimattia shares her experience of living with friends.

“In college, I lived with a friend. We were pretty close before living together, but once we were roommates, it was very obvious that we are very different people. It strained our relationship. We basically stopped hanging out. We were crammed into one room during university. It was very difficult to live with anyone in the room the size of one bedroom, especially when you are 21-22 years old. Neither of us could ever enjoy any privacy. We had different schedules so our routines clashed. It was not pretty. Since we stopped living together, our relationship has improved, but we will never be as close as we were before living together, I do not believe.

Another friend that I lived within an apartment worked out really well. I told her ahead of time that I was very nervous because of the previous situation. I was worried that we would not get along and it would hurt our friendship. Luckily, she was an amazing roommate and we got along great! She was easy going, we had our own rooms so we had space, and when we saw each other, it was nice.

I think I was more prepared for the second situation and that is why it worked out so much better than the first. I had my concerns and communicated those to my second roommate. We were both very honest with each other. We had a lot in common, and we respected each other’s differences.

Even though the second situation was great and the only reason we do not live together now is that I left for Australia, I am still nervous about living with friends. You can never predict what will happen when you live with someone. I think sometimes, it is easier to live with strangers simply because you do not have the same expectations. When you plan to live with friends, you expect that you will spend time together both inside and outside of the home. If you live with strangers, you do not have those same expectations.

My recent living situation with two people I did not know in Australia was better than I could have ever imagined. I did not care too much about who my roommates were when I decided to move in. I was just interested in living there because I wanted my own room and because it was a great location. When I moved in, I was pleasantly surprised at how well we got along. The three of us became great friends, and now we spend a lot of time together.

I feel really lucky about my situation in Australia. I would live with those friends again if I had the chance because even though we are already friends, we know how to be roommates too. As for when I need to find a place to live at home again, I am not sure which friends, if any, I would live with. I may choose strangers instead. Somehow, that seems safer to me. There is no pressure, only the opportunity for you to become friends. And, if you do not, then you stay strangers, as before. No harm, no foul!”

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