Here’s a heart-touching story of Jim and Amy, a couple that got connected in high-school. They eventually got married and lived a fairy-tale-like life in each other’s company. But what happened when Amy lost her legs in a brutal accident? Did things remain the same twixt the two? Let’s hear it from Amy herself.

I had just joined high school, and Jim was my senior. You wouldn’t believe, but he attempted to woo me from the moment he saw me! (laughs). He says, “I was bowled over by your simplicity and innocence”. Yes, sure! (winks)

It was in no time that we kicked off a relationship (Yes I liked him too), and we had everything going for ourselves. We were that compatible! Jim was hardworking and dedicated. Soon after graduating, he left off for the US to complete his post-graduation. We were in a long distance relationship for quite a lot of time. We argued, we loved, and I guess we just grew fonder of each other. Let’s say we longed for each other, thanks to the distance!

Soon after, he bagged a lucrative job here in Mexico, and no points for guessing, we got hitched! It seemed like a part of our dreams had come true (considering how much we wanted to be with each other since such a long time). He used to drop me at my work place, (our offices were close to each other thankfully!) and pick me up before going home. We would shop together, do the household chores together, eat together, and we were just constantly together. Until my black day arrived!

Jim had an important appointment with a client, and I had to return home by a cab. Just as my luck would have it, I faced a terrible accident, and as a result my legs had to be amputated. The next day as my eyes opened, I remember how hard I cried, I didn’t want to live anymore! Jim tried hard to console me.

Slowly I started getting frustrated with my disability. I was always on the wheel chair or on the bed. I felt so helpless. I even feared losing Jim, as “who would want a paralyzed life-partner?” I’d think. I started growing insecure. We would often fight. I would fall off the wheel chair trying to pick up something, but he wouldn’t be there. I started feeling neglected. I thought I wasn’t being able to keep him happy. We started growing apart, and I had the feeling he would leave me very soon.

One fine day, I just couldn’t bear it anymore and burst out into tears. Jim saw that and came to my rescue. I asked him about his changed behaviour and all he said was “I do not want you to feel you’re dependable on me, I want you to learn things on your own, and help yourself. What will you do when I’m out for work earning bread for us, and you’re alone at home? I’m just giving you time to re-discover yourself, honey. I’ll always be there you”.

Ah! Those words did restore my faith in eternal love!

DISCLAIMER: The image is for representational purposes only and do not represent the real life characters.