Chapter 9


I was stunned and stand still for a long time after Bhoomi left in anger. Then I realized the gravity of the situation and I started pacing, my mind drifted to the past six months.


After that argument with Bhoomi, and hearing that she doesn’t want to marry me I distanced myself from her as much as I can. I started partying, dating other women. I hated myself all the time but I wanted Bhoomi to move on. I wanted Jagan uncle to break the tie but to no avail.

I heard only yesterday when Dad was apologizing to Uncle for my behaviour and when he suggested that Uncle must rethink his decision of our marriage, Jagan uncle refused point black and chastised Dad that how can he even think of it. 

He said loud and clear, “I know Bhaskar since his birth, I held him before you hold him for the first time, remember? I know him inside out, he is not like this. There must be some reason. Let me talk to him, and I am sure he will stop it if I told him so. “

Dad replied in a stern voice,” Do it fast Jagan. I can’t tolerate the sad feeling in my Bhoomi’s eyes. She is disheartened by all this behaviour of Bhaskar and media coverage. Haven’t my daughter suffered enough? I will never forgive Bhaskar if he will hurt Bhoomi anymore. “

 They both became silent and I realize they must be trying to overcome the emotions.

I left abruptly and decided to stop it at once. I will marry Bhoomi and take care of her, no matter if she doesn’t love me. I will love her all my life. I went to my office and engrossed in work. I left around midnight and slept till late due to exhaustion.

And today this bomb dropped on me. I am completely at a loss what to do or think any more. My phone is ringing constantly and I sighed in frustration. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. I decided to talk to Bhoomi at least once before it will become public news. I want to assure her that no matter whatever she thought, I am and will be her best friend always. 

I went in search of Bhoomi but couldn’t find her. I searched for her everywhere; no one knows where she has gone. I became worried, I called her phone but it’s switched off. I was worried about now. Dad and uncle left for home, so I thought not to bother them. 

I sat down in my car pondering over possibilities of places where she could have gone. Then suddenly an idea came to my mind, and at once I realized where she must have been. I drove in full speed to find her.

Chapter 10

Finally, I found Bhoomi after half an hour of driving around. She was sitting on the railing beside the lake, staring into oblivion. I got down from my car and looked at her; there were tear streaks on her face. She was looking so vulnerable yet pretty, I wanted to capture the moment in my eyes and heart for eternity. I promised myself that I will never let her cry alone. I will try not to hurt her but if I will ever hurt her I will make sure I will wipe her tears too. I couldn’t hold myself any longer and went and sat beside her. I was sure even if she had not looked at me she must have felt my presence. I said softly,” I am sorry. I shouldn’t have shouted at you when it was not your fault “.

She bowed down her head and tears started streaming again from her eyes. I cursed under my breath and hugged her she hid her face in my chest and continued sobbing. Bhoomi was one of the strongest girls I knew and seeing her that vulnerable was giving me guilty feeling. I apologised again and finally, after some time her sobs subsided and she straightened herself and said,” I am sorry too. “.

She was going to say something but I held my hand in a gesture to stop her and continued, ” I know you don’t want to marry me but I promise I will never come in your way. I will never stop you from doing anything. But I can’t see our parents suffering.”

She was not expecting to hear it, that much I gathered from her face but I couldn’t help it. We sat there for some more time lost in our thoughts.

I helped Bhoomi to her feet and together we walked to our car. Bhoomi stopped near a “kulfi” stall, I smiled at her inwardly but kept a straight face and took the “kulfi “she offered me without even asking whether I want or not. I know it is better than arguing with her and devoured the “kulfi “while sitting in a car. She had not joined me but rather went to her car and I followed her home. She went without even glancing at me and I sighed in frustration. I wanted to tell her how much I love her, that there is no one whom I even like. But I know she will not believe. As mom said always,                 “Patience is the key”, so I am holding on that only. I want to kill that person who turned Bhoomi into this self -doubting person. She is confident about her business decisions, calm and composed in any situation but when it came to personal life she is so vulnerable. She thinks that she is not beautiful or not worthy of love. I assured her again and again that she is beautiful inside out but she always laughs it off. I wanted to erase all her sadness and make her happiest the Woman on earth but I know it will take time. But now when she decided to marry me I can at least hope that she will come around one day. I went inside my home and my parents were busy in discussions of marriage. My mom hugged me tight,   she knows how I feel about Bhoomi. She patted my back and said teasingly, “If I had known that Bhoomi will agree to marry you if you will party hard I should have made sure that you had done it years ago. ” we laughed together at it.

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