Following the success of adding sustainable dishes to adult menus last year, children dining at Atlantis now have a full selection of healthy and planet-friendly dishes to choose from

As part of Atlantis Dubai’s long-term sustainability initiative, Atlantis Atlas Project, children visiting Atlantis, The Palm can now dine on a selection of sustainable and locally sourced dishes,  including local shish taouk, locally farmed pan seared salmon, and salads and tabbouleh featuring locally grown vegetables and herbs. Launching on United Nations’ Sustainable Gastronomy Day (18th June 2022), 24 sustainable kids’ menu options are available at seven of Atlantis, Dubai’s signature restaurants: Seafire Steakhouse, Wavehouse, WHITE Beach restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay, Ayamna, The Shore and The Edge.

When Atlantis, The Palm decided to update the kids’ menus, the aim was to use the opportunity to highlight the very best of the UAE’s fresh and local produce to create a range of choices that go beyond pizza and chicken nuggets. The menus still include a selection of classic favourites, but now feature a range of healthier options with the introduction of fresh, sustainable dishes to the menus.

Chef Raymond Wong, Executive Sous Chef, Atlantis Dubai, said: “After a successful first year of serving adults locally and responsibly sourced dishes at Atlantis, The Palm, we’re excited to bring the freshness and flavour of local ingredients into our kids’ menus. When presented with more options, kids are encouraged to eat think about food in a different way and will often opt for healthier choices. Younger generations are also clued up on the environment and the individual actions they can take, so it’s unsurprising that they might opt for a grilled local chicken breast or locally farmed salmon.”

Following the successful launch of Atlantis Atlas Project’s sustainable dining initiative last June, the resort has increased the number of locally sourced and sustainable dishes across the menus of eight signature restaurants by 70%. As of June 2022, there are over 100 dishes featured throughout menus at every restaurant, as well as in-room and outdoor dining, all of which have been carefully crafted from locally sourced and sustainable produce. There are currently more than 65 local products used across all restaurants, with plans to increase this amount further throughout 2022.

The planet-friendly dishes, marked with the Atlantis Atlas Project icon, are interspersed throughout the normal menus instead of being presented as a separate insert, and they have become firm favourites with hotel guests and residents alike. To date Atlantis has sold 38,751 sustainable dishes, with the three most popular including Bread Street Kitchen’s Uns Farm Caesar salad, WHITE Beach’s local-produced Burrata, and The Shore’s sustainably farmed fish tacos.

Kym Barter, Vice President Food and Beverage, Atlantis Dubai, commented, “Many of our guests are looking for ways to incorporate sustainable choices into their visits and hotel stays. We believe that offering sustainable dishes on both the adults and kids’ menus is a great way for them to support the local economy and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.”

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