Moshi Moshi! Its Ramen Season at Edo Restaurant & Bar and we’re bringing
home a wholesome selection for you. Drink your soup and eat it too with a
signature Ramen Menu on offer during this promotion, prepared with love by
our MasterChefs from Edo Restaurant & Bar.

This noodle soup dish is inexpensive and widely available in Japan, making
it an ideal comfort food. Ramen restaurants can be found in literally every
corner of the country and produce countless regional variations of this
popular dish.

Get a taste of Japan at ITC Gardenia with a varietal of vegetarian and
non-vegetarian options – Tanmen Ramen (Ramen with garlic togarashi and
vegetables in shio broth), Kinoko Miso Ramen (Ramen with assorted mushroom
and vegetables in miso broth), Tori Miso Ramen Ramen (Ramen with minced
chicken in miso broth), Kaisen Moriawase Ramen (Ramen with assorted seafood
in shio broth) and Chasyu Ramen (Ramen with pork belly in shio broth).

Join us for a slurpy experience as we celebrate Japan’s Soul Food – The

Promotion Date:
Till March 06, 2022

Pricing and Timing:
A la carte menu
Priced at INR 825 + taxes
Available for Dinner | Closed on Mondays

Edo Restaurant & Bar
ITC Gardenia,
# 1, Residency Road
Bengaluru 560025, India

For more information, please call +91 80 2211 9898 or contact Vishal Gautam
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