A region famed for its tea plantations plays host to Karma Group’s new Indian resort

International Karma Group continues to cement its status as one of the world’s leading resort companies with its latest acquisition of not one, but two new locations. Joining its new Egyptian-based addition the elegant cruise ship Karma Kanak, is Karma Munnar, a destination nestled among the famously green rolling hills of the state of Kerala in India.

Karma Munnar offers guests a chance to escape to the village of Munnar, a place famed for its collection of evergreen tea plantations. Not to mention it’s the meeting place of a trio of major local rivers; Munnar in fact means three rivers in the local language of Malayalam.

The resort itself is perched among the rolling hills of the region, with many of its 22 designed suites and amenities boasting unforgettable views of the surrounding landscape. Visitors are welcomed to spend their time exploring the trekking trails which wind their way through the surrounding area, or make the most of the ample amenities at their disposal, from badminton courts to spice garden tours.

Says Karma Group Owner and Founder John Spence; “ The resort is ideally placed with beautiful large suites and a host of amenities such as restaurants, bars, games rooms, and has a magnificent view over the local hills and river. It is also ideally placed to enjoy in combination with our other resort in Kerala and the thriving historic city of Cochin. As elsewhere in this state the cuisine is superb and the culture, history and heritage of the region is omnipresent –  I must confess to loving Keralan curry!”