How To Make A Christmas Bow


It’s the holiday season! And during the next couple of weeks, you’ll be planning, shopping and doing a whole lot of wrapping. While wrapping a gift can be pretty straight forward, creating that perfect bow takes precision and a little more practice. That’s why Personal Creations has created 4 easy step-by-step videos on how to make the ultimate Christmas bow. From a classic bow to a big bow that you can fit onto a holiday wreath, there is a tutorial for any kind of gift, both big and small. Be sure to use double-sided ribbon for these projects, that way your bow looks beautiful from every angle. You’ll also want to use wire ribbon to give your bow shape and fullness, along with sharp scissors for cutting through tough materials. Ready to create a beautiful bow? Let’s get started!

Classic Christmas Bow:

Double Bow: 

Gift Bow: 

Big Christmas Bow:

Video Credits: Sherry Chen, Community Outreach, Personal Creations