President, Mumbai – IHCL SeleQtions announces the appointment of Chef Kanyaphat Faisai at the iconic Thai Pavilion restaurant. Having graduated from Phuket Rajbhat University, Kanyaphat has worked along with some of the country’s most renowned chefs and culinary experts. Kanyaphat has spent over 15 years in the hospitality industry and has worked with several hotels and resorts worldwide. 

She has recently joined the coveted team at Thai Pavilion and is proficient in Thai food and classic royal Thai cuisine preparations. The vibrant streets of Thailand are being recreated at the hotel’s indoors where Chef showcases her panache in cooking Thai food. 

Experiencing little about food in her childhood surroundings, she built up a vital for Thai cooking, which was further pushed by her grandmother who showed her the culinary expertise alongside her mystery formulas at an early age. 

With a huge collection of cookbooks, occasions, eateries, and consultancies around the world, she always pushes the limits of foods and traditions. She is most understood, for her power and hold on Thai cuisine. She has a passion to deal with, great flavors and fixings with fluctuated cooking procedures.