Every girl wants flawless skin and hair that makes her the Rapunzel of the town! Although the naturally black or brown hair is the best thing we can have, there is surely no harm in adding a little touch of colour to it. Hair colouring is undoubtedly a great way to change your appearance. You drool at celebrities sporting the coolest hair trends and realize that it is time to try out something new. We might have our own little secret fantasy to get our hair coloured in a unique style but we end up asking the salon-wala about the hair colour that is best suited for our skin tone, ultimately getting a colour which only reflects under the sunlight.

Choosing the right hair colour for the Indian skin tone is the most difficult task ever! Mostly because in India, the reaction to hair colour is not so cool! The want to experiment is always there but often restrained because we don’t want to damage our beautiful tresses with chemicals. Also, we are made to believe that natural dyes are much safer for the hair, say henna.

But, one should always try new ways to flaunt their hair. We have finally decoded the ways you can determine and choose that perfect colour to go with your skin tone and flaunt your style with grace!

The first thing to do before choosing the colour is to know your skin tone: warm or cool! Well you can know this with a simple test.

  • If you turn red on exposure to sunlight then you have a cool skin tone;
  • If you tan under sunlight, then yours is a warm skin tone.

Knowing the skin tone makes it easier for you to go for the right kind of colours to choose from, before choosing the shades or variants. The warm skin toned girlies should go for more of dark chocolate browns and darker shades of brown as the base colour and highlight it with lighter shades. Women with cool skin tones look better in mahogany, burgundy or chestnut shades. The idea is to not choose the color that works against your skin tone. You don’t want to wear a red hair colour if your skin goes red under sun, right?

Then there are varieties of shades available to choose from:

  1. Burgundy & Browns: These have become the most common choice amongst Indians as these colours go with most of the women out there! It suits the darker skins as well as wheatish ones.

Hair colour for Indian Skin Tone1Hair colour for Indian Skin Tone2

2. Red: This is the trickiest one, as there are a lot of shades in red and it makes a bold statement. If you are fair, then go for lighter red or copper shades. If you have olive skin tone, opt for blue tones of the reds.

Hair colour for Indian Skin Tone3Hair colour for Indian Skin Tone4

3. Funky colors: Funky colours gather attraction and create a bold statement. Most Indian girls largely opt for only highlights or single streaks of funky colours. Colours like purple, grey, green, blue or orange depicts free-spirited nature and can be chosen if you are bold enough to carry the look. You can mix them all up and go for Mermaid, Galaxy or Unicorn Hair colours!

Check out Pinterest for some drool worthy ideas and prepare to have your mind blown.

Hair colour for Indian Skin Tone5Hair colour for Indian Skin Tone6Hair colour for Indian Skin Tone7

4. Ombre: Ombre is still very much in fashion! You can choose a colour that is a few shades lighter than your natural hair colour and paint the ends of your hair with them. You can go for copper, reds or chestnuts colours and add lighter highlights to all of them. Or, you can spice things up by colouring the ends of your hair with any colour of your imagination.

Hair colour for Indian Skin Tone8

5. Blonde: Golden hair colour is one which we Indians so dearly love but is the hardest to pull off! This one does not majorly suit the Indian skin tone, but for the extremely fair ones this is a thumbs up! However, if you are still obsessed with getting one then you can go for gold in brown tones and get them highlighted or streaked. If you want to make heads turn, go for platinum blonde colour.

Hair colour for Indian Skin Tone9Hair colour for Indian Skin Tone10

6. Black: Colouring your hair raven black is a NO-NO if you have started graying! It makes the hair look unnatural.

But who are we to judge anyway. At the end of the day, the idea behind colouring your hair is just to have fun. Don’t be too scared. So go ahead girls and flaunt your hair in the way you have always wanted to!

P.S. There is nothing called “The Indian Skin Colour”. You can find us in every skin colour there is. Now, how awesome is that!