How To Write A Maid of Honor Speech

So, it is your best friend’s wedding and you can’t be more thrilled to be her Maid of Honor. But suddenly, amidst all the excitement you start thinking about the Maid of Honor Speech you have to make at the wedding and your knees begin to shake. For many, speaking in front of crowds can be scary. If you are chosen to be the Maid of Honor in a wedding, one of your duties is to speak in front of a group. You must write your speech and say it eloquently, hoping that you do not mess up and it is well received.

In preparing your maid of honor speech, think about its direction. Do you want to write something funny, something sweet, or a combination of the two? Are you going to tell a story about the bride within your speech, or are you going to keep it simple? There are many ways to approach it, and you want to be sure that it is well-thought and will be enjoyed by all wedding guests.


Rumors of horrible maid of honor speeches usually stem from the speaker divulging too much personal information about the bride. Maybe that time she got really drunk and hooked up with a guy other than her husband should be left for the bachelorette party. Remember that the bride’s, groom’s closest family and friends are listening, so you may want to leave the dirty details out of your funny story so as not to offend anyone.


Also, if you decide to make a joke, test it on some friends or family members of your own first to make sure it is funny. There is nothing worse than telling a joke and being left with a room full of silence. If you are not the funny type, maybe skip the jokes entirely.


Though it may not be very exciting, you cannot go wrong with a heartfelt speech. Speak about your favorite qualities of the bride, and do not forget to mention her husband. Make sure to include a bit about the couple, not just your close friend. Also be sure to make the speech about those getting married, not yourself. This is their special day and you are lucky to be participating in it. Remind them of that.


Start early. Do not wait until last minute to write your speech. You will only leave room for mistakes and more nerves if you do not think it through ahead of time. Once you have it written, practice it many times. Make sure you feel comfortable with it, and use notes if you need them.

When using notes, try to fit everything onto a notecard, or multiple notecards. If you use a big sheet of paper and you are nervous, your hand might shake. The whole crowd will see that you are nervous if your paper is shaking, even if your voice sounds calm. Using a notecard the size of your hand will eliminate the possibility of a shaky piece of paper.


Do not drink too much before the speech. People sometimes do this to calm their nerves, but if you have too much, your audience will see it. That can be embarrassing, so try to avoid that awkward situation.


Remember to have fun. Do not get so worked up about the maid of honor speech that you forget to enjoy yourself at the wedding. Know that as long as you have something well written and nice to say, guests will be pleased and the bride will appreciate it.

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