“Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.”

–Vera Nazarian

Reading is one of the purest joys in life, which, unfortunately, is dying out. As the world is moving hurriedly towards a more digitized form of life with entertainment at your fingertips, very few of our children are taking to books.

Time to change that, we think. On that note, let us take a look at some of the positive benefits that reading has on young minds.

  • Increased knowledge:
    Every single book that your child reads, will leave them with at least a bit more of knowledge undoubtedly. From metafiction, political autobiography to horror, there is no book in this world that the reader cannot take something away from. Remember the saying, knowledge is power. The more they read, the more their power.
  • They become more aware of their world:
    If literature has one power in the world, then it is to open up the eyes of the readers to the world around us. It pushes us to know more, to question more, to not simply take binary answers to all questions. Now imagine how forward thinking your child could be if they start question things and taking a stance from a young age. Imagine the creativity that books could unlock in your child’s mind.
  • Improved vocabulary and verbal skills:
    This almost goes without saying that those who read most certainly have a better knowledge of the language and a firmer grasp on verbal skills than the ones who do not. The more books your children read, the more foreign words they are exposed to, and over time, these words become a part of their everyday vocabulary.
  • They develop a sense of empathy:
    There is no scientific study suggesting this, but it does not take a lot to figure out that reading makes you more empathetic. And, this sense of empathy is just not limited to people in their own circles, but a more global scale. Your beautiful children grow up as more politically and sexually tolerant, more open to new ideas and a peaceful sense of living, they grow up to be kinder to animals, to themselves and their environment. How many of us can still claim that?
  • It reduces stress and anxiety:
    Growing up is difficult business, let us be honest about it. From academic pressure to peer pressure, our little ones have such a long way to go and such an intense struggle. In these times, books can be their best friends, proving them a temporary relief from all of their stressful issues, and can even encourage them to work better, harder and that they can achieve whatever it is that they put their minds to.
  • It prepares them for life:
    Life is not exactly a fairytale, and not everything should be valued in monetary terms, and those are two of the most important things that books teach us. Reading may not necessarily teach us how to pay taxes, but for what it is worth, they teach us how to be human, how to be kind to the people around us, and how to make the very best of what we have.

So what are you waiting for? Take your little champion to the nearest bookstore right now!

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