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On the coast of Lisbon, Cascais, sometimes known as the “Portuguese Riviera,” is a charm of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a classic and picturesque Portuguese fishing town that has grown into a significant tourist destination.

Cascais is a very lively and cosmopolitan town that still preserves a great deal of its earlier aristocratic atmosphere. With an already well-established expat community for years, Cascais invites remote workers and digital nomads from all over the world to have their next remote meeting with the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop. It has also opened several coworking spaces, which, together with its proximity to the capital and over 300 days of sunshine a year, makes Cascais the perfect place for remote working.

Cascais, April 19, 2022. Cascais is demonstrating to the rest of the globe that working remotely entails far more than video chats. The Cascais Tourism Board, in collaboration with DNA Cascais, has launched a new campaign called “It Works for You,” which is all about remote work paired with leisure and lifestyle. It encourages all digital nomads looking for an outdoor destination to enjoy the “magical” working circumstances and a lifestyle that balances work and a constant holiday mood (workation=work+vacation) through this campaign.

Cascais, the best place to live one day or a lifetime, is a haven surrounded by sea and mountains, combining a relaxing environment for creativity and productivity, with 20 miles of coastline and over 300 days of sunshine a year. “The Charm of the Atlantic Coast”, known for its delicious cuisine and a fantastic mix of nature, adventure activities and cultural attractions, is the best place to turn work into daily motivation.

A stroll through its streets, where you will find high-end boutiques, is highly recommended, or perhaps you would rather to relax at one of the many outdoor cafés and restaurants strewn around the town. The beaches remain one of Cascais’ most popular attractions, and visitors can choose from those in the town’s sheltered bay or those a little further away in the area around Guincho (which is already part of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park), where there are excellent surfing and windsurfing conditions.

Remote work as it should always be

A growing community of digital nomads and a prime location, together with fantastic coworking spaces, makes this Portuguese destination a wonderful place to develop the ideas of the future.

Cascais has been welcoming a growing number of digital nomads and has supported this community to create companies and expand businesses through DNA Cascais agency.

For those looking to live the best years of their professional life, Cascais is without a doubt, an experience you cannot miss!

Watch the campaign video – “It works for you” and find out for yourself