~Art @L1 Celebrates 1 year~

Art@L1 was launched on November 17th, 2018. As a part of the 1st Anniversary, Asian Art House and JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru presents the ‘Art Indulgence Weekend’ with the opening of ‘Bon Voyage’ – a newly curated art and photography exhibit featuring a stunning photography exhibit from Reuben Kataria and Porus Kharghat and artworks from Shaun Heffernan and Vijit Pillai.

This specially curated show is a mélange of Art and Photography and the works showcased will take you through an interesting journey showcasing people and places as captured by the artists and photographers.

Date – Saturday and Sunday, 16th and 17th November
Venue – Floor L1, JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru

About the artists and photographers:

Reuben Kataria

Born in 1974 at Nahan, a small picturesque town in Himachal Pradesh, India.
The fascination for taking pictures started with the father’s made in Russia camera back in 1982. It took a serious turn in 2010 and since then there has been no looking back. At every family vacation the camera took precedence and capturing and framing moments remained priority. Photography is both exciting and satisfying for Reuben. His last assignment in exotic Egypt as General Manager of a Hotel gave him the opportunity to fine-tune his passion. Those were tumultuous times in Egypt and photography provided the much-needed sanity and cheerful escape.

Cradle of Civilization, Nile provided the opportunity to capture the beauty of the river and the daily struggles of the common man. While most of the exhibits are about Nile, there are also few showcasing the Sufi dance “Tanoura”.
In this series Reuben unravels the Mysteries of Egypt with each click as seen through his lens.

Porus Khareghat:
Born in 1967 in Mumbai, India
Eat, Drink, Click, Repeat and not necessary in that order. Porus’ addiction towards the art of photography started with a gifted Pocket Kodak Instamatic at age of eight and has transformed into a sublime passion. With time his passion has pushed him to shoot varied subjects.
Thanks to Porus’ Advertising Film profession, he was exposed to the world of photography and slowly found his preference towards Wildlife & Landscape photography.
‘Shades of Ladakh’ is his tribute to the coldest, highest mountain desert in the world.
Even in such harsh and arid conditions there is beauty, colour and peace and through his vivid capture, Porus wants you to experience the same.

Shaun Heffernan:
Born in 1962 in Manchester, England
Celebrated artist Shaun Heffernan has done his BA in Arts (Hons.) from the Stourbridge College of Arts in the UK followed by post-graduate work in theory and design from the Royal Academy of Arts, UK. Shaun has had shows in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Germany, Belgium and Holland and this is the first time he is showcasing his works in India. His art revolves around the inequalities of modern society and how class and wealth undermine humanity’s social and moral fabric.
This specially curated collection is entitled ‘Legends’ – a selection of Legendary people who have coloured Shaun’s life.

Vijit Pillai:
Born in 1958 in Patna, Bihar
Vijit is a well recognised international artist and a pioneer of Neo-Mughal art within the mixed-media style in art. An ex-advertising professional turned artist, he has conducted several successful solo and group exhibitions in India and the Middle East. Over 500 of his artworks have been bought by customers from the all over the world. Vijit uses his own photographs and other references which take a new form through the use of textures, filters, patterns and sophisticated digital techniques with acrylic paint on canvas within Mixed Media art both in exclusive or limited editions.
His artworks have been displayed along with masters like MF Hussain and F N Souza at The All India Auction of Modern and Contemporary Artists at Windsor Manor, Bangalore in August 2013.
‘European Journeys’ is a specially curated collection of Vijit’s interpretation of a timeless journey through European history, Iconic structures and people.