Who do you think you are ?
How do you see yourself ?

Create a Healthy Self-Image.

When you look in a mirror, you see you in your mind. Is this a positive or negative impression?

Understanding the concept of self-image is crucial in positive psychology. Self-image is how you perceive yourself. What you see when you look in the mirror and how you picture yourself in your head is your self-image.

By the end of this video you’ll learn 5 ways to know HOW to make these self-impressions POSITIVE.

Our self-images can be very positive, creating more confidence in our thoughts and actions, or, our self-image can be very negative, creating doubt of our capabilities and ideas. These practical tips will help you improve your self-image.

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How you define yourself will determine everything in your life.

🎥 🎥 Enjoy watching this video so that you become inspired to create the life you desire.

The moment I began using these activities I have felt my energy RISE, I became a happier person and it helped to TRANSFORM my life.

Be aware of your thoughts, your beliefs, and your actions and the tribe around you. Be the best of YOU and believe it too.

☀️Everyday, I practice these tricks, I change, I tweak it as I want and keep manifesting what I want and I help my clients to achieve their desired life.

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☀️You can change your identity in an instant. If you see yourself as a different kind of person, you can become that person you desire to be. It’s that simple and all it takes is that decision. If you want to be a singer, entrepreneur, chef, more fit, less fat, more interesting, … anything is possible once you change how you see yourself.☀️

It is NOT what you are that is holding you back. It’s what you THINK you are not.

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