There is no debate about how healthy physical activity is for us, just like there’s no question about the fact that most of us aren’t doing enough of it. Especially for people whose jobs consist mostly of sitting for long periods of time, not getting enough exercise means not only that they aren’t getting the benefits of exercise, but that their body is getting damaged day by day. So how do you get moving? One of the easiest ways is to do the thing that is completely natural to all humans: run. But running does more than just burn some calories, so let’s take a look.

Practice good posture

Have you ever tried running while hunched over? You’ll notice that it doesn’t really work. While you’re running, you need your entire body to stay in balance, which means a straight back that is in line with your hips. This means that as long as you are running, you are also practicing keeping a good posture, something that is not required in a lot of other sports. This is why running is a great exercise for people who sit a lot and have an issue with keeping a straight back.

Helps with maintaining weight

We all know that exercise is crucial for losing or maintaining a certain weight. Every person has a different weight that is the right weight for them, and if they want to maintain it, running triggers a process called afterburn – burning calories after you’re done exercising. In fact, studies show that the more regularly you exercise, the more afterburn happens. And while something like that won’t be triggered after a light jog, you don’t have to be running a marathon pace to trigger it either.

Build strong joints

It’s a complete myth that running will ruin your knees and your ankles. People who have joint problems in their legs very rarely have a history of running, and if you are running correctly, you will only be strengthening your body. A cause of injury can be inappropriate footwear, so wearing something like high-quality New Balance shoes should make your runs safe and painless. It’s important to have proper support and to warm up before you run. If you do have an injury, make sure you consult your physiotherapist to see how you can help the problem. Don’t ever run with a hurt leg, because you might only make the injury worse.

Improve your mood

Exercise in general and running, in particular, can greatly impact your mood. On one hand, if you have excess energy that is coming out as frustration or anger, going for a run is a good way to work yourself out. Running paths are usually laid out along peaceful pieces of land, like rivers or through parks, which can also bring a sense of calm. But the incredible thing is that when you’re exercising, your body is releasing endorphins (a.k.a. the happy chemical), helping you feel better. 30-minute runs can help improve your mood, sleep and overall mental health by a great margin, so leave the thought that exercise only improves physical health behind you.

Healthy heart

Like most other cardio exercises, running is excellent for your cardiovascular system. It strengthens the heart, makes the muscle bigger and allows it to pump blood more efficiently. According to study, five minutes of running per day can add years to your life by improving your heart’s health, and that really is a small price to pay.

If that’s not enough for you, remember that running is a perfect way to get into a plethora of other sports. It’s the key part of football, handball, rugby and so many other sports that you might enjoy, and are based on running. So the next time when you have some time on your hands, try going for a run. You don’t need any special equipment, and the benefits you will feel after your very first run will make it all worth it.

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