Atlantis The Palm’s marine experiences

Being true to the myth of the lost city of Atlantis, the iconic resort brings you extraordinary marine experiences. Atlantis Dubai is home for over 65,000 marine animals, and brings to you unique ways to interact with these animals:


Aquatrek, as the name suggests, is a trek underwater. Experience walking underwater while you are at a depth of 3 meters on a shallow ledge in The Ambassador Lagoon while wearing a specially designed oxygen helmet. The helmet also provides you enhanced visibility, even at night. Moreover, professional underwater photographers accompany you, to capture your memories underwater. This submarine experience in the Ambassador Lagoon will bring you face-to-face with sharks, stingrays, and schools of multi-coloured fish. A bucket list experience indeed!

2.Shark Safari:

This thrilling experience brings you to Aquaventure’s Shark Lagoon bay, where you can swim among sharks! The shark safari quenches your curiosity about these wonderful creatures and lets you observe their natural behavioural patterns. From the black and white tip reef sharks to guitar sharks, the Shark Lagoon bay has everything!  If you’re lucky you would be able to spot more exotic fish, such as Parrotfish, seabream, black spotted snapper from across the globe

3.Dolphin Snorkel:

Take it one step further than swimming, and snorkel with the dolphins. The Dolphin Snorkel in the Dolphin Bay is an irresistible dive. Dolphin Bay delivers this fun, interactive experience that engage and educate the guests about Indo-pacific Bottlenose dolphins. The dolphin snorkel is a must-experience for all the dolphin enthusiasts!

4.Meet the Sea Lions!
The Sea lion point brings you this unique experience where you can meet the beautiful creatures without any glass barriers. You can get up close with the sea lions, learn to take care of them, and feed them. You  can even take a dive with the sea lions in waist-deep water and experience their behaviour. These playful creatures wouldn’t disappoint you. Extremely social by nature, all the Fur Seals here are looked after by the experts with state-of-the-art marine medical amenities.