Why should you let your kids play?

It’s Playtime – Do not disturb!

Parents and teachers often fail to see the importance of time children spend playing. Playtime has an impact on children’s physical and mental development and it facilitates the learning process, making it more fun. Apart from this, children build their self-esteem and establish social connections through play. Despite these benefits, children seem to be spending less time playing nowadays than they did in the past. The job of parents and educators is to change this and encourage their children to engage in interactive play as often as possible.

The impact of playtime on physical development

A significant amount of play involves some kind of physical activity, whether it’s throwing a ball in the park or playing with puzzles. These activities improve motor skills in children and encourage proper physical development. Running around in the park, playing with a ball, and similar forms of physical play help children build muscles and bone structure, while activities that require precision, like playing with puzzles and building blocks improve their fine motor skills. Therefore, engaging in play has a positive effect on various aspects of children’s physical development, not to mention the health benefits from the time spent in the fresh air.

Expressing their creative side

Children are explorers, curious by nature. They have an insatiable desire to invent new things and make new objects out of old items. A cardboard box can easily become a jewelry box or a starship. Play enables them to express their artistic side and be imaginative. It also improves children’s problem-solving skills and it encourages them to think outside the box. The ability to freely express themselves influences their mental state, enabling them to feel accomplished and satisfied.

Play is the key to successful communication

Humans thrive on social interactions, and proper development and nurture of social skills is extremely important and needs to be done from an early age. Playtime gives children the opportunity to interact and socialize with their peers. It’s an effective tool for making friends and learning to communicate amongst themselves. Furthermore, children learn how to function in a social environment, which involves compromising and being a part of the team. Therefore, it’s essential that parents provide their children with plenty of opportunities for communication and social interaction. Anything from play dates at home or in the park to birthday parties can help your children boost their social skills and make many friends. Spice things up with creative games or party decorations, like funny Shopkins party supplies to encourage their enthusiasm and desire to play.

Learn equals play

Although many people separate these two notions, playing is actually an integral component of learning. Play makes the learning process more interesting and enables children to remember things more easily.  There are plenty of educational games that help children get to know the world around them in a fun and practical way. It’s the job of parents and teachers to familiarize children with this type of games and choose the most appropriate ones. Regardless of which game you choose, the crucial thing is that your children have fun playing them. This will help them learn better.

A way to build confidence

Learning something new through play boosts confidence in children. This is especially true if you praise them for some new skill they learned or something imaginative they made. Children will feel proud and satisfied knowing that they achieved something meaningful and these will be the first steps of them becoming confident people. Your support and approval are invaluable on their road of building high self-esteem.

Children’s play isn’t merely a way to spend time, it’s an effective way to improve their physical and mental state and strengthen their social skills. Above all, children will become more confident through play and develop into accomplished and self-assured persons. That’s why parents need to see the value of play and encourage children to make the most of it.


Tracey-ClaytonTracey Clayton is a full-time mom of three girls. She feels she knows a thing or two about raising happy, healthy and confident kids, and offers helpful advice in hers parenting articles. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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