host a girl's night

Having a girls’ night can be just as fun as the sleepovers you used to have with your friends as a kid, but even better because now there’s wine! Because, sometimes girls just want to have fun.

  • Getting all the girls together is a lot of fun and very important to do once in awhile, especially as you get older and start to spend a lot of time with your partners. Keep it simple, leaving plenty of time for chitchat as you take the time to catch up with each other.
  • If you are having a girls’ night at your house, provide snacks and drinks. Ask your friends ahead of time what they prefer to drink. If you are having wine, try a few different kinds. Start with sparkling and end with red, or a sticky wine (sweet wine) with dessert.
  • Some simple snacks to provide are dips with crackers, vegetables, and chips. Dips like guacamole, hummus, and salsa always go over well. A cheese and fruit plate is also a nice platter to nibble on and pairs well with wine. Make something sweet like chocolate brownies to have at the end. You could even plan to bake a new recipe together with everyone as an activity. Making decorative cookies is a great way to allow people to chat and get creative. Make the mix ahead of time and buy some sprinkles, icing, and other edible decorations and let everyone make their own cookie designs.
  • Depending on the people, you may have enough food with just snacks, but you could also cook a full meal if you think it is necessary. Making (or buying) pizza is a classic food that is easy to please. If you want to be a bit healthier, you could make a big salad to go with the snacks. Alternatively, you could make a big pot of chili which can feed the masses. Unless you are sure of what everyone wants, having lots of options is a great way to satisfy everybody.
  • Magazines, nail polish, and face masks always make for a fun addition to a girls’ night in. Face masks from Sephora or even your local pharmacy are fun to try. Follow the instructions and see how they work! Multiple colors of nail polish, nail polish remover, and nail files help create a setting for manicures or pedicures. Picking up these few items can transform your home into a spa for the evening.
  • Pick out some fun music to play in the background, and plan to play some games later in the night if you think it will be a crowd-pleaser. Otherwise, tell your friends to dress in comfy clothes and put on a “chick flick” movie later in the night. You can make popcorn by buying the kernels and popping it yourself or simply purchasing microwavable popcorn.
  • Girls love to chat, so keeping it simple with snacks and drinks may be enough as far as entertainment. Decide what you think will be best based on who is coming, and enjoy a fun night in with friends!

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