affordable gifts for girlfriend

Let’s just say that not all men are so experts when picking out gifts for their girlfriend. Well, keeping aside the feminist debates(which are absolutely essential) and let’s come to the help of those men who are earnestly seeking for gifts to buy for their lady-love. Now there are hundreds of options you can think of, but wait a minute, the price-tag hits hard. So here are some inexpensive yet priceless tokens of love you can present to your girl for that smile that makes you skip a beat.


  1. Jewelry: Yes, we are talking about affordable jewelry.  Ornaments have, since time immemorial, been a woman’s best friend (yes yes, you are special too). Now a diamond solitaire might give you a heartache, what about a personalized bracelet for her? You can simply join beads and little bells and other cool stuff to a colorful string and gift it to her. Whoa! It would make her fall in love again as the warmth of affection oozes out. If you are not of the creative type try out handmade jewelry from stores or little pendants that can carry a secret picture of yours or the most romantic message to make her blush.
  2. Does she love cooking and is always too eager to try out that recipe she saw on TV? Gift her cookbooks, the easy ones or the fancy ones, all come in a pocket-friendly rate. Added to that why not deck it in a basket along with some herbs and gift her splendid culinary joy.
  3. Books have a class apart, and your girlfriend need not be an avid reader for that. Some interesting magazines, chick-lits or lifestyle ones can capture her attention too.
  4. They say photos are moments made immortal forever and rightly so. You can buy a classy or funky photo frame and add a picture of your cherished moments. One can even make a collage and add a personal message of love to it.
  5. Flowers can never go wrong and you can always settle for the reddest of roses, to the subtle pink ones. The colorful orchids, tulips, peonies or hydrangeas can brighten up her day like never before. All you need to know is her favorite color.
  6. Cosmetics do not imply you have to buy her the most expensive of lip colors or makeup. A glittery nail-paint or a relaxing yet refreshing body lotion/essential oils can do the trick as well. Just order it online from the most sold section or ask the local store-assistant.
  7. If you are planning to gift something wearable, why not try out a floppy hat, shades or a stylized scarf. Even you can offer to her a sassy bathrobe and to sizzle your chemistry, a nice lingerie would turn up the heat.
  8. In this techilicious world, we are always in for DVDs and CDs. It is a brilliant gesture to record your own words, make a presentation with pictures, messages and some love songs, to wrap it up in a silken ribbon. To your own amazement, she would just love that cute thing you gifted her.
  9. Is your girl a fitness freak? The best choice would be to give her a pedometer. Both cheap and extremely useful. Yes, she will thank you for her curves.
  10. The classiest woman would definitely be intrigued by home décor materials and you can easily opt for scented candles or little lamps. Even small ornate baskets or little tote bags would help her store nit-grits and sweet memories too.

So guys, was it a tad difficult to select the perfect present for your babe? This list can help you to find out the easiest way to her heart and not to mention, round it off with a warm hug and an affectionate kiss. She would surely melt in your arms.