Christmas is all about food, celebration, and gifts. And along with the gifts, comes an overcrowded mall and car parks. The busy and chaotic streets are a hurdle taking a toll on you given the traffic jams. However, technology has its rewards. If you are planning on skipping the usual Christmas shopping in stores, you can buy almost anything off the internet. Anything! This year you can surprise your partner/friend with something interesting and different from the usual-traditional gifts. So here are top picks for Christmas gifts for men!

Braun CoolTec Shaver

Braun rules when it comes to its electrical equipment. CoolTec is a must-have for every man. What makes this shaver so special is its cooling technology which prevents the tip to heat up and cause irritation or redness as it has an added aluminum bar. So basically, your man can shave with absolute comfort, without the shaver heating up and no damaging the skin. You sure will be his favorite lady after gifting something so brilliant.

Leather Briefcase

Intricately designed handcrafted bags with the highest quality of the leather is perfect for your business professional man. Nothing will make him stand out from the rest than a strong business aura. Hidesign brings to you a variety of such leather laptop bags, wallets, messenger bags, and briefcases.


Mens black braided leather bracelet

What you need to know that leather bracelets can be worn by anyone, any outfit and if carried out right can certainly make him stand out. It’s all about the minor detailing. Simple and classy pieces bring out the masculinity and personality. If you have nerd shopped for men accessories, you can pick a leather bracelet with a hint of silver.

Game of Thrones Wine Glasses

Is he a die-hard fan of Game of Thrones? Always obsessing over the fallen Starks, the Lannisters or maybe the house of Tyrell? How about you gift him something that can bring the show inspired characters right into his home through the Game of Thrones inspired gold rim wine glasses.


Denner Limit Sage Suede Shoe

Clarks came up with this irresistible design which delivers a formal look along with a casual brogue appearance on the outside making it one of the best-selling product. So whether he needs to go to a semi-casual or causal event, this shoe will definitely turn heads. He would without a doubt love this finesse-tailored shoe which he can step outside in everyday.


Swiss Army knife

Now all men have an obsession for timeless Swiss army knives. If you want to be his favorite girl, a Swiss army knife will work the wonder. These knives are known for their usefulness and quality. You will see various modifications of the pocket knives, but a pen knife and multi-purpose knife are the most popular. Each Swiss army knife differs as it is built with various tools. So, choose one where he can actually put those tools to use in his everyday life.