mushroom growing kit

The Kitchen Farms modernizes farming in India

The Kitchen Farms launched ‘The Mushroom Growing Kit’, an innovation in farming where one can grow oyster mushrooms at home within 2 weeks by just spraying water. With an endeavour to ensure people experience the delight of farming right out of their kitchen and adapt a healthy lifestyle; The Kitchen Farms has revolutionized the concept of farming with one unique kit. Enriched with a lot health benefits, The Mushroom Growing Kit launched a week back and is available on Amazon. The Kitchen Farms has launched home grown mushroom kits in India and is rooting for all the organic farming lovers and people to explore the raw side of growing vegetables.

mushroom growing kit

The Mushroom Growing Kit enables an extensive reach of fresh oyster mushrooms in India which is known for its exotic taste and several health benefits including improvement in the immune system, protecting one from diabetes, reduction in cholesterol, prevent heart disease and fight cancer. The kit is the ideal healthy option due to its antibiotic properties, weight loss factors and its rich source of energy. The Kitchen Farms has taken a step towards reducing the growing rate of health concerns in the country and encourage people to lead a healthier life.

This is the first initiative taken by The Kitchen Farms to revolutionize the concept of farming in India and make the country a healthier place. The Kitchen Farms is also initiating activities among children in the country to increase health awareness from the grass root level. The kit is one of the sources to promote farming in India and enables farming to continue at every door in India. The strong sentiment and tradition of India towards farming is revived with a modern touch by The Kitchen Farms.

Highlighting the unique attributes of the product, Jeethu Nair, Co- founder of Little England Agro / LE Agro said, “At ‘The Kitchen Farms’, we would like to build the importance among people to know where their food comes from. Post selling fresh oyster mushrooms earlier, we received a great response from the consumers and some of them were very curious about how the mushrooms were grown. Keeping this in mind, we introduced ‘The Mushroom Growing Kit’ to enable each individual to experience farming an exotic variety of mushrooms right at their kitchen. We plan to create more such kits that can help people grow different vegetables at home. Additionally it’s an engaging activity among parents and kids where they together can unearth the story of their own food.”

 As simple as it sounds, The Mushroom Growing Kit by The Kitchen Farms will help people stay connected with nature and help them in the process of growing their own food with convenience from now on.

About LE Agro:

Little England Agro is a start-up was founded by Jeethu Nair . Kitchen Farms is a brand of Little England Agro, headquartered in Bangalore. The Kitchen Farms was launched with the aim of bridging the gap among people to experience the art of growing their own food right out of their kitchen. The Kitchen Farms ventured into the grocery segment through fresh oyster mushrooms sales. The business was an instant hit in the market especially among children and Bangalore market due to its exotic taste. Now its sold all across India and the response has just been fabulous.As an attempt to provide access to organic food and encourage people to adapt a healthy lifestyle, The Kitchen Farms has explored more options in this segment by being the pioneer of home grown mushroom kits in India.

The product is available on Amazon or Healthy Buddha. Visit their Facebook Page for more details.


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