People say that the most charming part of any man or woman is their smile but what if you have reservations about that aspect of your body because you cannot help feeling ugly about the gap in your teeth or maybe the yellowing teeth that just does not go away even if you are brushing two times a day? If your confidence is shaken by those crooked teeth of yours, you need to get dental implants done, but that is again a whole new ballgame for you. Not to worry, this article will squeeze all the information that you need to know in a nutshell so that it is all very convenient and easy for you.

Types of Dental Implants

  • Endosteal implants These are one of the most popular types of dental implants in the world. The endosteal implants are normally placed in the jawbone area. These widely common implants are screw-shaped in nature and the component which makes up the implants is titanium. Usually, two surgeries are needed for these implants to stay put in your mouth, one for setting them in and the other as a finishing touch.
  • Subperiosteal implants These implants are an alternative to the bone augmentation procedure that the article will mention in the later sections. Subperiosteal dental implants are placed under the gums but over the jawline. People who do not possess a healthy- or good-looking jawline, as you may call it, are eligible for undergoing the process. The process involves setting up a bridge and then attaching artificial teeth on that bridge.
  • Bone augmentation and ridge expansion – Both of these have been grouped into one category since they both help in creating the space or support for getting implants. If your jaw is not wide enough or strong enough to establish the baseline for your implants, you will probably need one of these two treatments. Bone augmentation is the procedure you go through when you need to restore or regenerate the bone structure in your jaws or mouth so that it is strong enough to establish your dental implants.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Improve your appearance and speech – You know the blow to your confidence you receive when you see someone gaping at your crooked teeth and maybe giving you a disapproving look? If you don’t feel good, you can never carry yourself with confidence. It will help you feel confident – and when you feel confident, you will automatically feel good. These implants will also help you improve your speech and once you talk fluently, your confidence will be enough so that you can show people the true you.
  • Convenient and helps in eating There are also removable dentures that your dentist could recommend to you according to the situation of your teeth. These are easy and can be removed at any time you want. You would be surprised to hear that getting dental implants also help you in digestion since you chew more properly which in turn helps the food get fit for digestion easily.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Since implants are an improvement to your teeth structure, you should be practicing healthy oral habits after the treatment. If you keep proper oral habits, the implants can last until the rest of your life.

That is most of the information you need to know about implants in a condensed form in this article. The best reason for getting implants is for you to want to have a smile that people remember for the right reasons. Get back your self-confidence with dental implants and that is all you need to conquer the world.

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Author: Joseph Webb