The company unveiled a new tagline from ‘Alternate Energy’ to ‘Future Energy’ and refreshed positioning in clean fuel energy space 

New Delhi/12th August, 2022 – Nexgen Energia, India’s fastest-growing clean fuel energy company, today announced a launch of ethanol in the industry on this World Bio fuel Day and has rebranded its website, and new corporate tagline from’ Alternate Energy’ to ‘Future Energy’. The brand new tagline aligns with the goal of the company to step in the future energy and make energy independent in India. 

The new tagline identity embodies the renewed sense of purpose and aim of the company to create a future clean energy resources which are eco-friendly and sustainable in nature. 

The new tagline rebranding is rooted in the company’s vision and mission – the two drivers that the made the organisation and its portfolio, what it is today! It marks another major milestone in the evolution of Nexgen Energia, as it continues to rediscover itself and is taking a fresh and forward-looking approach to the market. 

“We have rebranded our tagline from ‘Alternate Energy’ to ‘Future Energy’ to indicate its focus on clean fuel energy market space in India. We are surging ahead as an organisation with a mission ‘creating the fuel of future’. This new tagline and evolving positioning perfectly illustrates our growing ambition in the industry.” said by Dr. Piyush Dwivedi, Chairman of Nexgen Energia Ltd. 

The rebranding of our new tagline will provide an enhanced experience for stakeholders and be valuable resources to understand our business, solutions, and commitment to our people.