child safety, keeping toddlers safe, CHILD SAFETY- SIX THINGS YOUR TODDLER MUST BE TAUGHT

We know that there is nothing more important to you than your child and hence your child’s safety is a matter of utmost safety. Crimes are never-ending. Worse so, even tiny li’l children are not spared. Cases of kidnapping, molestation, rapes, violence, etc. are being reported every minute, from across the world. The most common problem with little children however is that they can go missing any minute, from shopping malls to subway stations! While we cannot control it fully, we may take some steps to prevent it or perhaps help your child find your way back to you with someone’s help.

Here’s a list of 6 things you should teach your toddlers for their safety. Remember, if you put in the effort they will learn. Think “Finding Dory”!

1. What’s your name baby?
You may have a lot of nicknames for your little one, but remember that’s not how the world will know him. He needs to be taught to say his full name whenever asked, be it by relatives or some stranger.

2. Parents are important!
Yes, your toddler needs to know his parents’ names. Full names! He should know you’re not Mommy or Daddy for the entire world. Tell him how a certain problem may arise, and how you can only help him, when he tells either yours, or your spouse’s name to somebody near him.

3. Say no to strangers.
Give your toddlers value education classes. Tell him never to accept gifts or anything else that may be tempting, from any stranger. They must not accompany a stranger anywhere when you are not around. Tell them real life stories of how dangerous it can be. But yes, remember not to scare the wits out of your child! One must also tell them that it they should not let anyone else touch/wash their “secret parts” except their mommy and daddy.

4. Phone numbers.
Children love music. They’ll pick up anything fast that has music attached to it. Apply this trick to teach them your phone numbers.

5. The address.
Your child must know his residential address, or at least the name of the locality he lives in, or a famous spot somewhere around his house. To check whether he remembers it at all, you can play quiz like games frequently with your child.

6. Only food!
Teach your child that only food is edible. Nothing like coins, batteries, bottle caps, etc. should be inserted in their mouth, chewed or eaten. This will reduce the chances of your child choking on unwanted objects when you are not around.

Your children need to be taught to be more alert. Who can do that? No one but you can help your child in this regard. Remember, better safe than sorry!

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