Nothing speaks of everlasting friendship and devotion louder than best friend tattoos AKA friendship tattoos! Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner gifted us with the vision of their twin broken heart tattoos to commemorate their bond and set friendship goals for all of us lesser mortals. If you love your bestie and find yourself looking for something crazy to do this weekend, we have got you sorted with 10 Tattoo ideas with you can get with your best friend!

  1. Birds of the Same Feather

Your best friend is going to move to a different country and it will be a long time since you see her again. Head to a tattoo parlour and get flocks of bird tattooed on your wrists so that even when you are far away and the future seems bleak without her, just a look at the tattoo and you will know that she’s somewhere out there, cheering you on!

  1. You are my Anchor

Friendship is the only anchor which doesn’t hold you down but reminds you of your roots when you are soaring high, conquering your dreams each moment of each day. If you have a friend who keeps you grounded, this one’s for you.

  1. You make me Bloom

You and your best friend might have passed that childhood phase of playing with dolls. But through the years of heartbreak and growing up, her friendship has remained as fresh as a bloom. Choose a floral pattern you both love and celebrate your love for each other!

  1. You complete my Puzzle

Your best friends form a squad which fits together as effortlessly as missing pieces of a puzzle. Have fun designing the puzzles with your best friends and don’t forget to marvel at the final result!

  1. The Yin Yang Tattoo

You don’t know what Yin and Yang imply? Well, they are complementary yet opposing forces which when brought together bring order and peace to the universe. This one is for those friends who attest to the fact that opposites attract! Are you and your friend one half of the other? Show her your appreciation by getting the Yin Yang tattoo together.

  1. The Cat Tattoo

She is the one friend who will be your eternal pal even become an old crazy cat lady with a dozen cats for company. Your friendship started by exchanging cute pictures of your purring pet kitty so why not take it a step further with quirky ‘Hello Kitty’ tattoos?

  1. You are the Jelly to my Peanut Butter

Classic, fun and effortlessly beautiful…if these three words best describe your friendship with your best friend turned soul sister, it might be time to get another classic combo tattooed on your forearm: Peanut butter and jelly, what else?

  1. The Fingerprint Tattoo

Are you looking for a tad more personal and individualistic tattoo design for yourself and your friend? Has your friend left an everlasting impression on your heart and your mind? Why not turn it into a unique tattoo?

  1. The Infinity Loop

Let the lady at the parlour know how much your love your best friend when both of you walk in for a French manicure!

  1. You are my Universe

She is the only one who can brighten up all your dark days. What about the sun and the moon or the earth and the sun? When you get celestial objects tattooed, we promise you friendship couldn’t get dreamier!

Which one is your favourite? Do let us know!

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