MUMBAI, APRIL 12, 2022Indian Hotels Company (IHCL), India’s largest hospitality company, has been a proud custodian of the country’s rich heritage for over a century. This World Heritage Day, under the company’s recent collaboration with UNESCO, travellers can immerse themselves in the fabric of cultural experiences spread across the landscape of the country that define India’s living heritage.

Beyond India’s riches of monuments and scriptures lies an extraordinary array of intangible traditions pertaining to craftsmanship, music, dance, art, theatre and more. Like beloved heirlooms, these traditions are passed from one generation to the next and provide communities with a sense of continuity, as they are recreated over time. The partnership of IHCL and UNESCO aims to offer experiential tours, showcasing the living heritage of the country across various IHCL hotels.

Discover a love story of patterns and textiles through Bagru Hand Block Printing and a Turko-Persion tradition kept alive via Blue Pottery at Jaipur, a celebration of the divine force, Durga Puja in Kolkata or Ganga Aarti in Varanasi. Experience Karnataka’s vibrant past and festivities via Janpada Loka and Mysuru Dasara or stories hand moulded in terracotta by Molela Terracotta ArtUdaipur. See the unfolding of a story through Patachitra at Pingla village in rural Bengal.

Discover the intangible gems of the country, and get a glimpse into the associated wealth of skills, expressions, artefacts and people.

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