Simpli Namdhari's Store Interior

Wide range of world-class, high quality, fruits, vegetables, staples and dairy products under one roof

Namdhari’s Group conducts an Aerial Campaign wherein an American Champion Scout Aircraft flew over the Whitefield region of Bengaluru, carrying a 40 feet banner

Bangalore, 25th March 2022: Bengaluru based ‘Namdhari’s Group’ have increased their presence in Bengaluru with their latest Simpli Namdhari’s store in Whitefield. Spread across an area of around 7,000 square feet, modelled on the lines of the Simpli Namdhari’s promise, where customers have the widest variety of farm produced residue free and high-quality fruits, vegetables, staples and dairy products under one roof.  Simpli Namdhari’s is the only 100% vegetarian omnichannel retailer in India with a seed to plate concept. The store also houses a well-equipped kitchen, which churns out a variety of ‘Simpli Good Food’ for customers. Namdhari’s Group believes that the philosophy of ‘good food, safe food’ should apply not only for fruits and vegetables, but rather the entire offerings of the group.

“This store is in line with our strategy of future ready stores, modelled on the lines of Simpli Namdhari’s concept, where customers have a wider variety to choose from, which is spread over a larger retail area. Ease of shopping, customer satisfaction and enhancing the range of products are some factors that best define a Simpli Namdhari’s store. We have been able to provide high quality fruits, vegetables, staples and dairy products at all our stores essentially because we are not just aggregators of products but offer customers a value chain-controlled range of products for over 70% of their shopping needs. We are very conscious of our sourcing strategy and ensure that there is a control over the entire value chain right from the seed, be it our own production, contract production or farmer procurement. This ensures that our products in fresh produce, staples, in-house dairy and bakery conform to the highest quality standards both in terms of taste and nutrition. We have planned out a strategic growth path, which would include additional production facilities, R&D centers and retail outlets over the next five years. Our ultimate aim is to make ‘premium’ produce accessible and available to the common man” said Gurmukh Roopra, CEO, Namdhari’s Group.

As part of the Whitefield store launch, Namdhari’s Group conducted a unique aerial campaign over a two-hour period between 9:30 am and 11:00 am, wherein an American Champion Scout Aircraft flew over the Whitefield region of Bengaluru, carrying a 40 feet banner.  Public who could spot the Simpli Namdhari’s Aero Flight branding, and uploaded a selfie image along with the aircraft in the sky on their Instagram pages, tagging ‘@simpli_namdharis’ won free Goodie Bags at the Simpli Namdhari’s store, located at Prime Square, Ground Floor No.7, Whitefield Main Road, Bangalore – 560056.

The company plans to extend beyond the state of Karnataka in the coming few months.