With the global pandemic easing out and travel resuming, one of the main questions in the mind of any traveler is what the travel protocols to visit a destination are. In recent weeks, the conditions of entry in the Czech Republic have gradually eased out for an Indian traveler, however there are still a few precautions and mandates in place which need to be followed.

When traveling to the charming destination of Czech Republic, here’s what you need to know.

Czech Republic as a destination has opened up with its shops being open with no restrictions on operating hours, cultural and sporting events, concerts, theatres are all full functional and ready to welcome guests in their premises. Hotels and other accommodation facilities are open. There is no need to prove yourself with a certificate of illness or vaccination. Museums, galleries, monuments, zoos, botanical gardens, libraries and fitness centers are allowed to function at 100 % capacity. The Wellness, & swimming pools are open with services such as wellness, saunas or salt caves.

For all travelers entering into the Czech Republic there is an obligation to provide a completely filled passenger locator form. (Link – https://plf.uzis.cz/).

For Fully Vaccinated Travelers:

Any traveler who is fully vaccinated you can travel to the Czech Republic with an EU digital COVID certificate EU (Indian Vaccination Certificate is recognized by the EU) which is valid for 14–270 days after the completion of the second vaccination dose (Covishield). Otherwise you are considered as a non-vaccinated and need to arrive with PCR test and take another one within 5 – 7 days after arrival. However, it is recommended to carry a negative result of an RT-PCR test, which is not older than 72 hours from the date of the RT-PCR test.

For Unvaccinated Travelers:

Travelers who are not vaccinated still have the option of traveling and exploring the Czech Republic, all you need to do is carry a fully filled passenger form and along with that you will need to provide a negative RT-PCR test which is not older than 72 hours from the date of the RT-PCR test. You will also need to do a test in Czech Republic between the 5-7 day after entering the country.

Some Additional information:

Children under 12 years of age have an exception from all hygiene measures. Children 12–18 years of age do not have a time-limited validity of the vaccination certificate.

Passenger locator form to be filled before arrival to provide it on request while at the Airport of departure.

Cost of test after arrival in the Czech Republic: Antigen test: 8 – 10 EUR and PCR test: 30 – 35 EUR

For further information you can visit – https://www.visitczechrepublic.com/en-US/Covid-19