Striking Evenings, Exquisite Cocktails at Nazaara

Nazaara, the quintessential rooftop top eatery at Courtyard By Marriott Bengaluru Hebbal has assembled exceptional cocktail experience. The team has carefully curated the absolute best pairings with a menu offering Signature Cocktails and each drink mirroring the rich regional flavors with a contemporary touch.

Starting with Nannari Margherita,  a combination of Nannari Sharbat & Tequila, deriving the base from the popularly known ‘nannari syrup’ in South India. On the other hand, Mewari Whisky Sour is an ode to the ancient royal kitchen of Rajasthan that seamlessly combines Mewar Garam Masala that is shaken well with Whisky, Gomme and Lime.

Then we have Mumbai Chai Martini that brings to the fore Mumbai’s much loved beverage, Masala Chai. The cocktail has an irresistible amalgamation of Chai, Vodka and Martini Bianco to stir up the evenings. And, Konkan Kokum Sangaria, Kokum is considered a powerhouse of rich nutrients, a popular summer drink. The cocktail is a blend of Kokum and Wine that is served chill to ensure authenticity of the beverage.

Lucknowi Shabab-e-Nawab is another pearl that is part of the menu. It has the perfect mixture of betel leaf, Lucknowi gulkand and Vodka bringing out the true essence of the region.

Head straight to Nazaara, our rooftop Indian restaurant and bar this whole week to enjoy the city’s beautiful weather in the company of unique cocktail offerings! 

What: Indian Pearls

Where: Nazaara, Courtyard By Marriott Bengaluru Hebbal

When: 27th September – 3rd October, 2021

Time: 05:00pm – 09:00pm

Price: INR 800/ Cocktail