The Swiss Watch Company introduces Victorinox collection for the sports watch enthusiasts in India

Luxury watches and timepieces have been a part of our culture for years; it gives people the opportunity to showcase their individuality, their social and financial status, and even professionalism. For centuries, watches are an important part of how people around the world express themselves, while many people use watches to tell the time, there are millions of others who embrace wristwatches as a style statement., an exclusive platform for hand-picked Swiss watches that promises to offer only the best watches to their clients, has introduced Victorinox. The Victorinox watches represents excellent value for money, especially when we consider its superb line-up of features. 

Since 1989, Victorinox has been making watches in Switzerland. Each timepiece is crafted and designed to strike the perfect balance between performance and timeless elegance and it has passed over 100 quality control tests. Slip your wrist through this little beauty, and you can expect excellent readability, thanks to its generously sized numerals and markers and the use of Super LumiNova technology. The definitive hallmarks of Victorinox timepieces are mechanical excellence, on-point aesthetics, and relentless accuracy: And the watch user can wear it while diving, sailing, walking, flying, and performing other adventure sports.

Victorinox uses ETA and Selitta movements and they happen to be incredibly accurate. The mechanisms are water-resistant. They use synthetic rubies for the movement and this prevents them from wearing down over time. All Victorinox watches are highly scratch-resistant. They are made of Sapphire Crystal, the best crystal for watches. The INOX model is known for being able to survive the impact of being dropped from three storeys, run over by an HVG lorry then put in the washing machine.

The online store has an unrivaled selection of the Victorinox collections which includes Field Force Classic Chrono, I.N.O.X. V 37, Victorinox –MAVERICK (241602) and they are priced at INR.45000, INR.42900 & INR Rs.33000 respectively. The buyer will get an additional discount of 15% if they purchase it before 31st October.

This incredible customer service is another part of what makes, the go-to destination for luxury Swiss watches.