Josh Rathour Singh

UNiDAYS, the global Student Affinity platform with over 20million members worldwide, has now  launched in India. The world’s leading Student Affinity Network helps millions save on products and services from over 800 brands. India, with a population of 201million 17–24-year-olds and projections to be the fastest-growing trillion-dollar economy in the world (Nasdaq), is a natural  extension to the 114 territories UNiDAYS already operates in.  

Gen-Z in India are the most hyper-informed, hyper-connected and demanding consumers in history.  At 40% of total consumers, they are the biggest generation globally with a $3 trillion indirect annual  spend power. They expect personalised products, services, and value, across every device, every  platform and free delivery with every purchase. Their real-world and digital existence has converged.  They live and breathe social media, instant messaging, video games and live-streaming – often all at  the same time. Brands must urgently connect with this unfamiliar, savvy, digital-native generation  who are reshaping social commerce. Whilst start-ups and established brands could find this new  world order daunting, it represents immense possibility.  

Consumer spending across India amounted to over Rs.21.6 trillion as of January 2020. India is  expected to become the third largest consumer market by 2030. Gen Z are at the heart of that  growth. They are the ultimate early adopters, and we see Gen-Z’s habits now influencing the  behaviours of Millennials and Generation X too, and even the younger generations following them. If  they are not your core consumer now, they soon will be.” Josh Rathour Singh, Founder and CEO  UNiDAYS. 

Since its launch ten years ago, UNiDAYS has become synonymous with student life. The platform  allows brands a rare and valued chance to take their products and services into the hearts and minds  of tomorrow’s professionals, delivering engagement, building affinity, and maximising sales.  UNiDAYS members have spent more than $5bn through the network since 2018. Gen-Z alone have  an annual estimated global spend power of $200 billion, and if including their parental influence, an  indirect spend of $3 trillion (Bloomberg).  

Using UNiDAYS proprietary identity technology, secure brand-safe environment and marketing  solutions, the app supports, enables, and inspires Gen Z to discover and connect with brands and  services beyond their immediate radar. Global brand partners include Apple, Amazon, Samsung,  Nike, adidas, Microsoft, JD Sports, Forever 21, H&M, SHEIN, M&S, Disney and ASOS. 

Our patented technology means we can offer customised solutions to brands wanting to engage  with their Indian students and graduates in a more meaningful and authentic way. We are proud  that our platform gives students the power to make every experience more valuable and rewarding.Josh Rathour Singh. 

Through UNiDAYS’ Student Affinity Network, the brand provides access to millions of college and  university students around the world, by offering them discounted deals, internships, events, and  scholarships. UNiDAYS provides its brand partners with a platform for integrated, multi-channel  campaigns and solutions to help them reach out to students (Gen Z).